Isme Tera Ghata Mera Kuch Ni Jata Musically – 4 Girls getting Viral

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The song ‘Isme Tera Ghata Mera Kuch Ni Jata’ which was released on 18th May 2018 featuring Gajendra Verma and Karishma Sharma; didn’t get insane hype until recently a Musically video featuring the 4 girls showcasing their raunchy moves in accordance to the lyrics got viral. They’ve gone viral in no time but not without tons and tons of vulgar and abusive comments and trolling. The video is available on many channels including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and many more.

Most of the people over the internet are claiming that the original music video Isme Tera Ghata Mera Kuch Ni Jata by Gajendra Verma has actually got the eye of the public after the 4 girls did their work. This can be true because the music video hasn’t got enough views till now. But this Musically video certainly has got so much hype that everybody is searching for it and many are just eager to roast it.

The video is still available on YouTube under the channel name ‘Onaiza Rana’.

Isme Tera Ghata Mera Kuch Ni Jata Girl Name

Yes, that is the search query which gets reflected in the Google Search when you start typing the song name ‘Isme Tera Ghata’. But you don’t have to do that because I’ve done the research work for you. The name of the girl is Onaiza Rana.

Onaiza Rana Instagram account

Obviously, the story doesn’t end up without the desperate chaps and jealous girls hunting for Onaiza Rana Instagram account. The problem is, it is difficult for some people as we already have many fake account up and running. For your convenience, here is the official Instagram account of Onaiza Rana @OnaizaRana_.

The people’s opinion

After going through the comments section, I’ve grasped a mixed opinion from people. While most of the people are putting up their hatred and vulgarity, some say that this is disrespect to a beautiful song. Still, there are some who are taking it positively.

Isme Tera Ghata Mera Kuch Ni Jata Musically - 4 Girls getting Viral

The Feminism Involved

As far as my opinion is concerned, the video reflects a strong sense of Feminism and a touch of an alpha female trait. First, the video only features girls, then their actions clearly claim that women hold the upper hand in sex. As a result, we have many other trolling videos which came out very soon to counter. Plus, the comments are enough to portray that the chaps are being offended.

This is undoubtedly something very similar to the story of Priya Varrier who became the internet sensation with just a wink earlier his year. The song clip showed that women & girls can flirt too. So is Onaiza Rana, showing that girls can go vulgar too!

That is what makes me think that Onaiza Rana will be one of the most searched personalities of 2018, just like Priya Varrier earlier this year. This is also evident because we already have Twitter and other social media networks getting insanely populated with the hashtag #OnaizaRana.

Over to you!

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