Video games I wish have movie adaptations

6 Top Video games I wish have movie adaptations

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It’s not always the movies that features mesmerizing stories. Video games in today’s time inculcates both mesmerizing storylines and fantasies which sometimes surpasses movies far behind. Today I have brought a list of some great names of the video game industry which I wish have movie adaptations.

1. Deus Ex

Deus Ex video game series is an incredible storyline set in the future. It inculcates war among public and corporations who have the authority and more power than the government. It inculcates human augmentation technologies as the main segment.

My favorite trailer is from the third installment of the video game series i.e. Deus Ex – Human Revolution. You can watch the trailer here.

A short film based on the video game has also been created already. Special effects were good but I wish they could make it more appealing with better acting. Consider having a look at the 12 minute short film.

This short film is a good sign for the video game fanatics like me and it triggers the hope in fans to have a complete movie based on the Deus Ex video game series.

2. Alan Wake

Alan Wake is certainly one of the best horror games in the video game industry. It also embraces insanely scaring chaos and mystery that drives players crazy. At the same time, fans also wish to have extended entertainment that comes from a movie based on the video game. Having seen Conjuring and Insidious, Alan Wake can give a totally new ground for a horror flick that can be as cool as the video game. If you have played the video game then I bet you can never disagree but if you haven’t played the game then you might want to watch the trailer.

The video game also features incredible music and songs from the renowned band Poets Of The Fall. The band had also released a hit music video ‘War’ that is dedicated to the video game. you can listen and watch it here.

3. Watch Dogs

“Everything is connected, connection is power”, that is the punchline from the video game. According to me, the tag line is really ironic and you will feel the same after watching the trailer. The game is packed with tremendous hacking, technology, weaponry and technology. Right after watching the trailer, you will fall in love with the concept of this game. Just watch the trailer to have the essence that Watch Dogs game has to offer.

4. Mafia

When we talk about the best storylines and plots from the video games, Mafia can’t be ignored. In fact, it is completely realistic and thrilling. The video game series features the lives of many gangsters called as mafias. I know, what has just struck your mind, The Godfather isn’t it? Okay, we have seen the Godfather series and we know about its legacy which has left enormous impact on people. But there should be room for something new always. The series has brought a total of three installments till now i.e. Mafia 1, Mafia 2 and Mafia 3. All these three stories are connected and features the lives of 3 different mafias. I can’t provoke your attention much with my words but this trailer of Mafia 3 surely can.

5. Splinter Cell

The list of best action video games can’t be considered complete without having Splinter Cell included. Based on the story by famous American author Tom Clancy who has written many other titles of similar genre. We already have blockbusters based on his novels like The Hunt for Red October,  The Sum of All Fears and Jack Ryan Shadow Recruit and even the Jack Ryan TV series. Anybody who has seen a few movies out of these or played any games based on Tom Clancy’s work can expect an attractive movies adaptation from this video game. Have a look at the trailer of the last installment from the video game Splinter Cell Blacklist.

6. Dead Space

Just like Alan Wake, Dead Space is also one of the best horror and sci-fi video games. The game exhibits heart stabbing thrill and effects that lure you to explore what comes next at every segment while playing. It’s evident to say that we have seen ample alien movies but this game’s storyline is the polar opposite of those crappy movies. And there is no doubt that a captivating flick can be made out of this video game series. Have a look at the trailer to judge whether I’m telling right or wrong.

What you say?

Being a video games fanatic since childhood, I have come across numerous great storylines and genres. I always believed in Max Payne and Hitman, and we already have movies based on them. Now, I would like to know about your movie suggestions based on video games by commenting below.

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