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8 Signs You Should Let Go of Your Bae or BFF

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I have heard that “relationships are like paintings”. This small sentence conceives an ironic meaning behind and this is how I perceive it. Some relationships or friendships stay colorful while some end up with the intention to let go and move on.

You meet people and start indulging in conversations. Sooner, conversations get frequent; you start befriending them. Then, you start filtering through them and start focussing on the ones which seem most concerned about you. Gradually, you start showing your care for them. This initial phase is the time period in which you craft your relationship with someone you can call as a best friend. This phase feels very blissful and gives you the extreme energy to continue spending time with your best friend.

As time passes by, you start indulging in arguments, debates and sometimes fights. In the initial period, you are capable of resolving the fights. But later on, these tiny little fights starts wounding up your relationship with the person you like or love. In the end, your relation appears like a painting with stains of time and faded colors. Still, you try to deploy your emotional energy and best effort to fix things and repaint your relationship. But every time you fix things, you find something changed in the person. This change is the cancerous element that breaks relationships.

Today, I have brought a list of traits which people reflect in order to get away from their friends. If you are someone who is struggling to make your friendship or relationship work, then you should consider looking at the following traits of your friends or bae.

1. They start hurting you time and again in the same manner

Good friends or baes never hurt, but even if they do, they apologize and try to love more than before. If your friend or best friend is hurting you time and again in the same manner, then he or she is certainly not your friend anymore. You might undergo situations in which your friend tries to portray himself or herself bad to make you feel negative in order to detach you and walk away easily.

2. They stop taking initiatives

If you notice that your friendship is on the brink of ending and it is only you who is making efforts to resolve everything then it won’t work. Have some respect for yourself and start to accept the fact that the person is no longer compatible with you.

3. They start disrespecting you & Becomes Unbiased

It often happens that the person who is intentionally trying leaving you will start opposing you in terms of the type of person you are, your opinions, your talent and even more. Consider not taking this to your heart, whatever they are doing is their misdeed and they may be doing it out of jealousy and not mere disrespect.

They may also start giving you examples and start favoring the majority while keeping your opinion and reasons aside. Eventually, they also stop bothering about your feelings and will always be complaining.

4. They stop caring about memories

When your friend, now the so-called friend starts to ignore and tries to forget the great time you had in the past; then you must let go of him or her. Just consider that the other person has set his or her priorities and wants to move on. Also, try to slowly come out of those memories yourself too. It is cancerous to be attached to the memories of the person who is holding you as an option.

5. They start giving importance to someone else & give excuses

‘My Boyfriend is not happy for our friendship and he has warned me’. You must have got tired of listening to the statements of this type ‘I can’t risk my relationship for our friendship’ blah blah blah…’. And you always try turning him/her back around by asking the same question ‘Come on, is it so easy to forget the past?’

Remember, it is not fate that causes the difference between two people, it is the intention of one or both. Your friend or bae may also start giving importance to someone else and reminds the same to you again and again. He/she may also start comparing your importance with that another person.

6. They start behaving like victims and make you feel guilty

A person in pursuit of leaving you starts to make you feel guilty for your actions all the time, even when you are right on your part and trying to fix things. The person gives a boost to negative things and hurt you and try to make you feel guilty, even for the things you are proud of. They act like victims. While you are the one who has actually become the victim.

7. They are not keen to help you

Only you know, how bad it feels like for not getting your suffering recognized. A friend who is not anxious about your condition and heartache is a friend turned stranger. The more you try approaching them, the more they ignore you. And it is their ignorance that tears you down into pieces. When a person becomes selfish then he or she start portraying this attire.

8. They start regarding your care as interference

Sometimes it is necessary to judge the actions and deeds of the person you love. It happens naturally out of care. The other person should take it positively, but when he or she starts thinking of it negatively then things fall apart. The person may start addressing your care as interference. And very soon, they’ll start pursuing things which you don’t like. This is one of the worst situations a person caring for a friend or bae.

Why should you let go?

A broken relationship is like a broken mirror, when you try to piece it together, your image inside it appears broken. It is the situation when you finally start believing that nothing can be fixed and let go of anyone who is hurting you. This belief is required as it makes you stop caring about the person and get relief. But it requires real courage and strength to accept such type of situation. It is tough but possible if you successfully redirect your focus from that person to yourself. Not everybody is blessed with true love and it can only be formed after a lot many hurdles and ups-n-downs. So question yourself time and again ‘Are you really blessed with true love?‘ until you find one.

I would like to end up in the words of a well know author Allanah hunt who is the author of the best seller book ‘Rebirth‘.

“People change and sometimes that means they are no longer compatible with you. Be brave enough to wish them well and let them go.” – Allanah Hunt

Apart from this, I also have written a couple of quotes out of my personal experience. I take pleasure while showcasing them to you.

“Don’t pity for those who’ve left you. Walk alone instead to unlock the real you. You really gonna need it someday.”
– Mohammed Haseeb

The world doesn’t accept you the way you are. That doesn’t mean, you have to accept the world the way it is. Have patience and keep reminding yourself that you deserve better. And the right people will find you at the right time.
– Mohammed Haseeb

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