Being alone is good

Don’t pity for those who’ve left you. Walk alone instead to unlock the real you. You really gonna need it some day

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Don’t pity for those who’ve left you. Walk alone instead to unlock the real you. You really gonna need it some day 5 out of 5 based on 1 ratings.

It happens with everyone at some phase in their life, people come and go but they leave scars on your heart. Sometimes, it happens with bae or sometimes with friends. But what actually keeps you hostage is the feeling and question ‘what will happen now and afterwards?’

What you really need to learn?

You shouldn’t love someone to the extent that you lose your individuality. Never let anyone come in between you and your ultimate goals. It is true that you will find more of oppressors and lesser friends; more of bad people than good ones. Very few people favor the right thing. You shouldn’t change your decisions based on the votes of the majority. Believe in yourself and your decisions, this will keep you determined towards your objective.

How to fix things for yourself?

Whenever you feel low, don’t get yourself drowned in stress. Before you start blaming yourself, just realize that you are hurt and that is the doing of that someone who doesn’t want to be with you. It is difficult but possible. Take a break, keep silence and remove yourself from anyone who hurts you more than they love you, brings more stress than they bring peace. Even if it takes to insult the person who is damaging you and doesn’t care about your feelings, you must do it. You have to do it for yourself. Avoid ignoring your conscience, you need to listen to it as it is the message from your soul.

What happens after you fix or partially fix things?

When somebody leaves you, it is remorseful. You eventually you start meeting new people and becoming a part of a new society. Sooner or later you start filtering through people and start befriending with the ones you choose. Ultimately, you stop thinking about the person who had left you and get the answers to all your questions.

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