Make your Summers Hotter with these Must Have Pieces!

Make your Summers Hotter with these Must Have Pieces!
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Hallelujah!! The summer is on and it has again brought with it the never-ending fashion game. It is the best time to showcase your fashion trivia skills to the world. So here are a few must-haves every girl must have in her wardrobe this summer and ways to rock it. FYI, some of them are even sported by your favorite celebrities.

Let’s begin the game of clothes!

1. Off-shoulder top

How to wear off-shoulder tops?

Off the shoulder are best worn with pants and shorts. But there are no boundaries. And let your hair loose in beach waves to make the look perfect.

2. Floral Maxi Dress

How to wear it?

Floral prints are complete in themselves. So when it comes to pairing, it is best to wear other solid colored stuff. Have a sling bag and wedges and you’re done.

3. Kimono

How to wear it?

Just pair it up with shorts and a camisole or a solid colored dress inside and you’re good to go! The kimonos are enough to speak for your fashion sense.

4. Shorts

Well, I can’t emphasize enough on the value of shorts in the summertime. There has been no summer that has escaped the shorts mania. Isn’t it?

So grab a quirky pair right now!

How to wear it?

Shorts can be worn with literally anything. For instance, a crop top, flannel shirt, graphic tee, cami tops, bralettes and a shrug over it and there are infinite options. So just one pair of shorts is going to bring home a zillion looks!

5. Tunic Dress

Summer is somewhat meant to sweat you up and putting on tight or body fitted outfits are going to make it even worse. But don’t worry; we have tunic dresses to the rescue!

How to wear it?

Tunic dresses need no other stuff to be worn with. Just wear platform heels or strappy flats and that’s all.

6. Joggers and  Leggings

Did you see them coming? I surely did and took a sigh of relief. There can be no better reason to throw away your fitted denims and put on the heaven of comfort. Joggers and leggings are so much in vogue these days. So do not dare a miss one at any cost!

How to wear it?

For the athletic cadre, there are joggers paired with T-shirts or mesh tops or even bralettes. Wear sneakers with them to complete the look.

7. Dungaree and Jumpsuits

For any playful and a funky girl, dungaree and jumpsuits present the best option in summer. Not only they are comfortable but also have ample amount of style quotient.

How to wear it?

They are best when worn with a sling or a satchel bag and flat sandals. Add some drama with oversized sunglasses and nude lips.

8. T-shirts

Who on earth can think about going through the summers without flaunting the T-shirts?

How to wear it?

T-shirts might be common but choosing the right color and design can help you nail it. The best part is they can be put with shorts, jeans or joggers.

9. Play Suits

I have never met a girl who can say no to playsuits. They make you look stylish, thin and elongate your body as well. Also, they are so comfortable you could probably sleep in them!

How to wear it?

You need nothing that will make it look better because it is already the best you can wear. Solid playsuits with sneakers are good for night whereas you can reverse the wheels by choosing a floral or printed dress for daytime.

10. Palazzos

How many years have endured the palazzo craze and I assure you there are going to be many more. They have proved their worth for all seasons of the year but summer is the best time for them too.

How to wear it?

Palazzos are versatile and can be paired with almost anything from a crop neck top to a kurti. Day or night, party or office, you can rock palazzos everywhere!

do you say?

Tell me what you think of these clothes and also comment below mentioning something I have missed. Also, share this article and make the world a little more stylish.

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