Hichki movie - Something more than just hiccups - Rani Mukherjee

Hichki movie – Something more than just hiccups – Rani Mukherjee

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Hichki movie releasing on 23rd March 2018, directed by Siddharth P Malhotra starring Rani Mukherji; deals with the struggle of the female protagonist Rani (characterized as Naina Mathur) has Tourette syndrome. It is a problem with the nervous system that causes people to make sudden movements or sounds, called tics, that they can’t control. For example, someone with Tourette’s might blink or clear their throat over and over again. Some people may blurt out words they don’t intend to say.

She wants to be a teacher by profession and for her being suffering from speech disorder the society intendedly makes it a hard task for her to pursue.

Hichki movie – The claustrophobia behind

The trailer says it all!

Life is a mysterious game where not necessarily both the opponents lie on the same front. It is rather a partial mystery where some do have to fight really hard to have the same benefits and comforts shared by others casually, also without even knowing the implications and end results it might lead to.

Physical impairments, mental aberrations, and disabilities are common issues which many people around us daily have to go through. Just to imagine to have a lifestyle where daily you are being posed to new challenges because of your aberrations makes me scandalized.

Having used to live a comfortable life we can barely realize the struggle some go through.

Society’s pressure and negligence

It is the society we live in today and the people around who are not able to consider such people as normal human beings. It’s these people who act as obstacles in their paths to achieve what they actually desire for.

Hichki shows the struggle the protagonist has to go through in order to have a lifestyle she demands. Her vocal issues (due to disorder) act as a barrier for her to be a teacher as the school administration department initially refuses to admit her in. Also after being admitted into she is given a class of students consisting of underprivileged children, whom the school was forced to admit because of the RTI act.

It is indeed the negligence from the society that Naina Mathur has to go through so much. Her struggle does not end here.

After being hired and given a class, she was treated indifferently by her students due to her disability.

Isn’t that how it has always been?

Isn’t that how it has always been? You are favored if you belong to a high-class society, have a set of strong or sound people to support you and you are perfectly fine with no physical and mental disorders. Nonetheless you deserve the opportunity or not, nonetheless, you are capable of the post or not you will be given what you desire for if you fit in one of the above-mentioned criteria.

People suffering from aberrations are also favored at times but the real cause that lies behind is to show a sense of sympathy and emerge as a hero being kind.

It takes a lot for these people to match the others due to the discrepancies created by the society. Being underestimated acts as a major hurdle towards their glorious future. It’s not lack of capability or efforts or hard work which stops them from attaining what they want, it’s the underestimation from the people around.

In a nutshell

Throughout the movie, Naina has to go through a lot, society pressures, indifferent treatments, and underestimation are a few of them. Still, it’s her determination to achieve what she wants, she fights all the odds that comes her way and emerges as a hero in the battlefield. Though she had vocal issues but her self-belief is something which never let her down.

Nothing can come your way if you are adamant enough what you want from life. No excuse can favor your being unsuccessful in obtaining your goals.

People without hands can be the fastest swimmers. People without legs can climb mountains and can even dance so the key question is:

Why should one be judged or defined by his/her disabilities?  

My answer to this is:

Climb every mountain

Forge every stream

Follow every rainbow

Till you reach your dream

Nothing in life can stop you be it physical, mental or any related issue. You are going to be a hero in the climax if you are focused and have a strong belief in yourself. No matter what people be it your friends and family say.

Self-appreciation and self-belief is the key to success.

If you try, failures are bound to happen to learn from them and grow each day.

I hope you liked reading my view on Hichki movie. Please use the comment section below to share yours.

Thank you!

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