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Sometimes You Just Have To Let Go And Embrace What You Have Become – Adam Jensen, Deus Ex

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Today we have brought another great quote from our series of quotes from video games.

“Sometimes you have to let go and embrace what you have become”
– Adam Jensen, Deus Ex

The dialogue is spoken by the leading character of the Deus Ex video game, Adam Jensen. Although, the dialogue clearly reflects its meaning but it is worth talking about it so that you can connect with it better.

A Quick Intro

Humans are complex beings. We are made of complexities, perspectives, prejudices and feelings. Most of our present attitudes, behaviours are governed by our past. Our past percolates into our present more often than we realise. Because of previous bad experiences, we tend to be more cautious in our relationships, our transactions. Sometimes, we learn to let ourselves loose. Our past experiences are a major driving force in how we look at the world and how we interact with its occupants.

The Past can be Over-whelming and Intruding

While this might be a good thing mostly, it might lead us to ask: if we are constantly letting our past dictate and govern our present selves, are we living in the past? How much is too much? It is a thin line we tread which separates learning from past experiences and living in the past.  But, what about those who have been victims of abuse? Those who experienced a trauma so huge, it might become impossible to let go of the pain and this trespasses into their present.

Why should we Let Go?

It is imperative that we let go of the past. We cannot let it overpower our present and future. Whatever demons we may have had – we cannot ruminate on them so much that they become a permanent part of our lives. We need to make a conscious decision to let go of our past and the pain associated with it. Making the decision to let it go also means accepting you have a choice to let it go: To stop reliving the past pain, to stop going over the details in your head every time.

Learn to Love Yourself

We also need to embrace the changes in our personality caused by our past. It is not easy since we don’t usually ask for it, but it will be more helpful to heal if we accept ourselves with new augmentations. If we do not like a particular trait, we should try to better ourselves. For example, a person realizes their short – temperedness is ruining their relationships and their lives, so they should try to take up meditation. Even if we don’t succeed, even trying to improve ourselves will make us accept ourselves more. We should begin by getting rid of toxic people in our life. And, we should stop being toxic to ourselves too. We need to listen and forgive ourselves, only then can we move on and live life freely and happily.

Ending up

With this quote and its explanation, I wanted focus on the importance to let go of our past and love our present selves. I would love to hear your opinions and methods for this in the comment section below.


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