Life Tips: Why is it okay to let go?

Why it is okay to let go
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The German-based poet, novelist and painter Hermann Hesse had once quoted that, “Some of us think holding on makes us strong but it is letting go.” We often tend to ignore our mental health while holding onto things. This instead of making us stronger quite a times makes it worse for us. It is important for us to let go of the clutter, which is the stuck energy. This clutter or blockage often keeps us from getting on to better things in life. It isn’t necessary that letting go just implies for a toxic relationship. It can also include tasks or activities that drain you without any positive result or a career which isn’t taking you anywhere leading to stress. Stress can be good for an individual but then it should be noted that the time it crosses its line to become negative one should try to break free from it.

Here are a few reasons as to why you should let go of that clutter or blockage in your life.

1. When one door closes another opens

Only after letting go of that one thing that causes stress in our lives do we get a clear vision to look out for the other things that life has to offer us. It so often happens that we get so blind looking after one thing or a person that we forget the other options the world has for us. Only after coming out of the bondage do we realize what all we have missed out on.

2. You have gained enough knowledge

Any experience good or bad is worth it as it always teaches us something. In our case of an unpleasant activity or a relationship, it is important for us to realize that holding on to it won’t help us in any way. Holding on to that particular thing cannot help us in increasing our experiences or knowledge or make us a stronger person. The experience, knowledge or strength gained from it is already enough for us to let go of it and move on in life.

3. You don’t deserve to carry unnecessary burden

Just because you have chosen a specific task or entered a relationship which turns out to be wrong, we don’t need to carry them forward unnecessarily. Putting the blame on ourselves and moving on with the stress does no good. It is important that we let go of the things that serve no good purpose or positivity in our lives. Also, in this aspect forgiving someone’s wrong is important, even if not to completely forget what they did, one must try to let go of the trivial matters in any relation. It is important to do so not just to maintain the relation but also to unchain yourself from the unnecessary stress that comes along with it.

4. Because your mental health matters

Acute distress often comes along with a toxic relationship or task. The stress takes a toll on the person both physically and mentally. Most of the time the stress taken up by the person can have adverse effects. We often tend to give more importance to those things which aren’t worth our mental well being and it is important that we make our mental health our priority.

5. You cannot always change something or someone

It is quite difficult to change someone’s behavior or the way something works. There are times people just don’t want to change their behavior even after being aware of its negativity. There is no point of stressing yourself over something which just doesn’t change no matter how many efforts you take. Keeping your self-respect, choose to let go.

6. Not same as being a deserter

Letting go of something doesn’t mean to give up in its first step when things are slightly in a different way. One must always give a 100% from their own side before realizing any negativity. A simple way out of any challenge as to give up is not what is implied here. A little positive stress is indisputably important for personality development but when it goes on the negative side causing an adverse effect is when one should know to take the step.

Discriminating between good and bad stress is extremely important to analyze the situation. One should know when it is time to let go of the relationship or task to lead a hassle-free life.

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