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The Modern Girl’s Story about Life

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The Modern Girl’s Story about Life
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I don’t fear of walking in short clothes, my skin is not meant to be hidden, I want to show it. I don’t even have a problem with walking nude; I don’t do it for the fear of getting raped. On contrary, women, and girls walking in hijabs also get raped. So, I’m thinking of shedding all my clothes soon. Call me a wh*re if you want. I don’t care. I say ‘I love you’ to my male best friend every day, and I want to kiss him on his lips while my boyfriend watches it. Crazy! isn’t it? Just because, he was there whenever I needed him and still here for me. He deserves my love more than I deserve his. I can’t limit my love for one person. I want to kiss my friend on her lips too, that bitch is sexier than me. I don’t care if you would like to call me a lesbo; I love being that.

I’m more than boobs and ass, but you can stare at them. I want you to, I feel good and you are increasing your lifespan by doing it. Keep staring! I’m proud of my assets.

I like being touched by any rough chap I want. I feel great respect in being touched. Don’t get me wrong just yet! Let me talk a bit nastier. I love my friend who wears hijab; that bitch is hiding a big mystery and her man will be the luckiest man on earth. I can’t be her and she can’t be me, but she is every part of me.

I want to teach all the parents about the rights every daughter or son is supposed to have. I want to tell that marriage is not always a solution. I want to live free. Let me be open about my desires. Sex is something we need. There is a reason why people are blessed with vaginas and penises.

I just need rich strong love and I’m yours. Lust is a natural thing and it is supposed to there. How can one expect another to control it for the sake of religious and family sentiments? Human beings are made of it. And made for it.

Now tell me, who am I? A whore, slut or a normal modern woman?

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