Rapes and Murders in India – A Joint Media Outreach by Laffaz & HealthStasia

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Rape crisis in India is on the verge of ripping-off the freedom of women of our country. We all are hearing about Kathua and Unnao rape cases since past couple of months for sure. Some people are really mourning, some are habituated of the ignorance and ineffectiveness of our judicial system; while some say that these rapes and murder cases are being used as the weapons of political breakthrough by politicians.

We all are familiar with the fact that our country is already divided on the basis of religion and political mindsets. But this difference in opinion about the crimes like rapes and murders is making the situation bad to worse.

Our prime minister took 4 days to step-up and speak a few words about the condition of women in our country, and that too after the candle march done by the leader of the opposition party. I mean what is actually happening? Does it really require a candle march for the PM of the country to talk about such a crucial matter? And then comes the people of another mindset saying that Rahul Gandhi has done the candle march to seek public attention.

Bravo!!! We are a nation of absolute literacy and freedom.

Some people have made themselves busy by talking and arguing about Asifa’s rape case, while some are really abashed of the judicial system for taking years to pass the verdict for Nirbhaya gang rape case and the release of Jessica Lal’s killer. Some are doing candle marches while some are playing around with hashtags on social media networks.

Great!!! Nobody agrees with anybody’s opinion. Let’s just spend the day in talking, arguing and end up with the ‘I don’t care’ attitude.

About The Media Outreach

This was the first media outreach conducted by us. And to do it better, we joined hands with HealthStasia which is an initiative aimed towards raising awareness about health and wellness.

For the critics, we would like to make it very clear that we didn’t conduct this media outreach to prove or showcase ourselves as the most concerned youngsters of the country. We did it for our study and to learn about the mindset of people.

The Questions we asked

  1. What can be done to reduce the rapes, murders and related crime?
  2. What should the government do to stop rapes in India?
  3. There are corrupt politicians who are supporting the criminals like in case of Asifa’s rape case. What actions should be taken against such people?
  4. Should there be a bill to do psycho-analysis of politicians and ministers?
  5. People with power in India easily get clean chit, is it true?
  6. We as Indians, we pity Pakistan for their fragile law and government. Still, they are really stringent when it comes to punishing the rapists. So, is there something that we can learn from Pakistan in this regards?

Responses we got

It was really worth talking to the people. Everybody gave slightly similar and different opinion. People say that a crime like murder might be justified but a rape can never be justified. It is the most insane brutality and it can only be wiped off by ensuring death penalty. Death penalty has multiple forms of implementation. The majority says that on-the-spot death in public will be the most effective implementation as it can really scare the prospective criminals before committing such acts.

It is not only the government’s responsibility to bring everything in concern of the court. Everybody should be aware of what’s happening around and it is the civic duty of every person to address and take initiatives for the good of the society.

A couple of people boasted on the fact that while there are bad men who commit rapes and crime against women, at the same time there are some women who actually commit the crime and do the prosecution against the victims. Thus, the laws should be made but are supposed to be implemented justifiably and proper investigation should be done.

Almost everybody firmly agrees with the laws and rules being implemented in Gulf regions like Saudi Arabia and UAE i.e. death penalty against rape and murder.

They also added that the politicians in India should be educated as they are running the country. And even if they aren’t educated then they must not let injustice happen. The psycho-analysis of the politicians and ministers should be done in order to assess their loyalty towards the nation and its people. The police should be held open in order to take down anybody who try obstructing their operations or code.

Doing candle marches is of no use. It is the duty of the government and the court to address the issues our country is dealing with. And doing candle marches and protests in order to ring a bell only proves the inefficiency of Indian judicial system.


We don’t brag that our media outreach can bring the change, but we certainly believe that if the whole nation switches to a common mindset of punishing the criminals then it will be righteous not only for the victims but for every citizen of the nation. This can surely bring a big change and reduce the crime against women in India.

Please use the comments sections below to share your opinion about the rapes and murders in India as well as for this media outreach. Your suggestions will significantly help us improve our methods or approach for the next media outreach.

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