The Remembrance of the One I Once loved – By Pradeep Singh

In remembrance of the one I once loved by PSR Laffaz Media
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How are you? I guess you’ll say you are fine. But are you? Mind taking a break? I want to talk to you. I want to know how is life going on. I wanna know how you feel on a Sunday night, I wanna know it all. Tell me how you are missing someone you once loved more than anything.

Tell me how much you hate your job and would leave in the blink of an eye if you could tell me that you don’t like your boss, tell me you want to travel more but can’t, tell me that you love your family but can’t tell this to them, tell me that you miss your best friend. Don’t hold back today.

I know you don’t like to talk about yourself anymore, I know you want to hide behind those conversations your colleagues are having, I know you want to run away but have no place to stay, I know you miss your old-self, I know you don’t tell people how much they mean to you.

I know you hate yourself for being an ass sometimes. I want to say it’s okay, we are in this mess together, talk to me and we can fight this together, even if we don’t win, I’ll just hug you. I won’t talk much if you want that, I’ll share the silence, I’ll be with you even when you aren’t.

Want to be with yourself. Cause I know exactly how it hurts to feel numb, to feel nothing and to just see your life pass you by. I know you don’t care anymore, but I would want you to care, about YOU. Cause you matter. And I’m not saying this just to say that, cause you can make someone feel loved just by being yourself.

Please don’t lose yourself in this world which is trying really hard to turn you into a zombie, you are not one of them, you deserve better than this, cause you are trying hard, I would say you are trying your best and I know you are.

Your strongest self right now and I am proud of you for that. Happy weekend, go make a soul happy, tell them how much you care, you’ll feel good. Drop that insecurity for once.

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Co-founder & CTO of LAFFAZ. A full-stack developer, possessing 6+ years of experience in working closely with tech startups in India and UAE.

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