Sometimes, One Dream Has To Die...

Sometimes, One Dream Has To Die So Another Can Rise From Its Ashes – David Sarif

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I believe, the manifestation provided by today’s age video games is above all sorts of entertainment available. Like you assume the role of the leading character of the story, get involved into his objective and feel bewitched till you complete it. But that’s not all! Video games also involve amazing storylines, dialogues and quotes which carry big meaning and get you inspired.


Today, I would like to elaborate on one such quote from the renowned video game Deus-Ex: Mankind Divided.

It is Important to have Dreams

It is a basic instinct to have dreams and goals. Even if we go up to a toddler and ask him / her, we will be righteously informed that they aspire to have a chocolate or a toy truck. And, why not? After all, it is our dreams that propel us into another realm: A realm in which we are superheroes or supermodels or in Forbes’ richest top 10 list. It does not hurt to dream. Dreams pave way for ambitions and a vision, which are imperative for success. Having a vision makes the pursuit of our success easier, since we are focussed and we work towards our goal with vigor.

Unfulfilled Dreams Give Rise to Bigger Goals and a Better Person

But, there are lots and lots of dreams in our lives which do not get fulfilled; either we did not work hard enough or the circumstances were just never in our favor. We are heartbroken and disheartened. It takes us a while to get over the remnants, but with time, we do move forward: into another dream, another goal.

And, this is the correct path to tread on. Only if we are completely done with our past, will we able to successfully move into the future and embrace new things. If we are still stuck in the past, if we are unable to let go of our broken dreams, then we will never be able to look towards new goals and reach new heights.

A broken dream also fills us with a rare kind of passion. We get more motivated to pursue new things and excel in new frontiers. There is an enviable vigor about a person who is throttling towards a glorious future. Hence, just like it is said that we need get our heartbroken to learn about love or even ourselves, it is also important to get some of our dreams shattered in order to set us on the right path, on the pursuit of even bigger and better goals and a beautiful future.

Ending up

Although, it is terribly broken to have a dream being left unfulfilled, it is necessary for us to learn from it. Only when we are completely over it and have learnt our lesson will be able to successfully pursue another dream, another passion.

Stay tuned, we’ll be keep posting the complete series quotes from video Games.


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