Why You Should Start Watching Rick and Morty At Once

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Rick and Morty is a sci-fi animated series that follows the adventures of the titular characters genius scientist Rick Sanchez and his not-so-brilliant teenage grandson Morty. With a wildly imaginative storyline, mind-blowing characters, deep philosophical inquiries, all served with a flavor of its signature blend of dark humor. Rick and Morty is easily the best Sci-Fi animated show out there. The show has gathered a huge and loyal fandom and has become a cult favorite among regular viewers as well as hardcore geeks all over the world. Praised by all the major critics in the industry, Rick and Morty (henceforth to be referred to as R&M) remain one of the highest rated animated series of all time. If you are among those who still haven’t had the taste of the intergalactic life, then here’s why you should watch R&M ASAP.

The Wild, Wild Imagination

Thanks to the genius of Rick, he can access all the dimensions in the multiverse using his Portal Gun, which essentially means that they encounter all kinds of beings from farting butts planted in the ground to interdimensional non-biological mind controlling clouds. Cleverly written, R&M has explored a plethora of cool Sci-Fi ideas, where if at one time Rick and Morty find themselves trapped in the dream of Morty’s Maths teacher while trying to incept an idea in his mind, at other times they find themselves performing in an intergalactic music show where failure to win the show means disintegration of the whole planet by plasma ray.

The Characters

The animated series has more character development than most blockbuster Hollywood movies. In the hopes, dreams insecurities, and moral contradictions of its numerous memorable characters, the modern psyche is poignantly reflected. The show is not episodic as most sitcoms tend to be, where any character development in one episode is totally erased in the next. R&M closely follows the transformation of each character through its three-season run. In that sense, it has a realism a very few animated series can rival.

The Philosophy

The crushing burden of existence and a regular person’s struggle with the meaninglessness of it is one of the recurrent themes in R&M. The show uses the works of a number of twentieth-century philosophers including Friedrich Nietzsche and Albert Camus to portray the “absurd” human condition. In R&M, the universe, or rather the multiverse doesn’t care about human hopes and fears. Human existence is insignificant, “nothing matters”. This implies that nothing is inherently wrong or right. At times the characters of the show exhibit questionable motives, calling into question the very idea of a morally correct life. The show isn’t just about gun-toting space monsters, it often asks profound questions about life and existence. It asks, for example, whether science should have a limit; whether the massive destruction and loss of life during fight scenes in superhero movies can be justified; whether killing a number of people for the “greater good” is morally correct.

Reflection of Contemporary Politics

One of the major themes in the show has been twenty-first-century politics. The show has dealt with issues like racial discrimination, police abuse, international political conflict, and misuse of power. One of the episodes traces the transformation of revolutionary ideas into dictatorial cruelties. In another episode, Rick and Morty broker a peace treaty between two warring nations, by making the top leaders smoke perception enhancing space weed. The aspect which makes R&M a formidable TV show is that it never tries to preach. Whether it is talking about Philosophy or Politics, it does so with a lightness, and never forgets for once that its main purpose is to entertain the audience.

The Humour

If you thought that it couldn’t get better, R&M will be the funniest show you’ll watch this year. Its signature blend of dark humor will leave you in tears, with catchphrases like “wubalubbadubdub” and “shum shum shlippedy dop” stuck with you for years to come. Its hilarious take on TV shows will leave you laughing your heart out.


R&M is not just a show about space monsters, talking clouds, and black holes, it’s the hilarious show about all these things, and then some. If you have watched Rick & Morty before or still watching then consider sharing your opinion in the comments section below.

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