How people are taking love for granted

How people are taking love for granted these days?

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Today I would like to share something very exceptional. Something that is not a brainchild but a heartache, a situation that you undergo when somebody very close to you takes your love for granted. And it can tear anyone apart. It is my pleasure to narrate the story shared in a short quote by our Laffazian brother Pradeep Singh.

Yes! I like knowing about people; and it usually ends up for their own good when I interfere. At least I offer a shoulder to Cry on.

By Pradeep Singh Rawat

I am yet to find a person who remained absolutely unfazed whilst watching the scene in Titanic where Rose lets go of Jack. Even though there have been numerous heartbreaking love stories only a few have moved us like that one. It goes out to show how highly we prize love. This is why it’s quite ironic how many of us seldom value it when we actually are shown affection. And it is amazing how people sometimes hide behind words and start taking love for granted.

Swept off your feet… and mind

The emotion that has repeatedly been marketed to us as love is actually infatuation or lust. It’s ridiculous how seriously so many people take it, despite being fully aware of this truth. There are actually few to no people we will be absolutely blissful with spending every single day of our lives. Yet we all crave for a little drama, a little Bollywood in our day-to-day existence.

This is how we begin to disregard other less superficial relationships. We search for a lust, a fleeting attraction that will “sweep us off our feet”; but we ignore their flaws and even fo out of our way to win their attention. We may even be ignoring people who warrant our love and affection more like friends or family. In other words, we become stupid.

In search of True Love

Love is talked about too many times and is often mistaken for the sexual kind or the one between two partners who choose to live their lives together. Many skeptics and even those who’ve suffered heartbreak even go out to claim that there is no such thing as true love. The truth is: there is, just not in the pretty Bollywood/Hollywood way you expected it to be.

True Love is NOT unconditional. It doesn’t just happen with people you wish to breed with or lust for. And it also doesn’t mean giving selflessly while expecting nothing in return. It is far more ordinary and far more real than that.

Love makes the world go round

In reality, we all have experienced a love of some kind, from at least a single person if not more. Many of us come from loving families or have caring siblings, or even helpful friends and acquaintances. Love doesn’t need to be the exaggerated unrealistic version we see or read about, it is far more calm and inconspicuous.

We all seek love and affection, and we actually do get it from the people around us when they prepare our favorite meal, or reply to our messages immediately, or pay close attention to our monotonous renditions of how our day was.

However strong and independent we claim to be, each one of us has a support system comprising of many individuals who may not necessarily be our BFFs, lovers, or parents but make our life easier to go through.

While there are many amongst us who indulge in self-pity and claim to not be loved by a single person, none of us would be able to survive without the support (moral and otherwise) of others. Just because the help we get from the people around us may be an ordinary deed no love story has glorified doesn’t mean it’s not love.

Love is Blind and so are the people

Many of us have been guilty of disregarding our parents, friends, and well-wishers when we were eager to impress a temporary love interest. Many a time we have failed to cherish what we already have and take our loved ones for granted.

We throw tantrums and forget to reply or call people who are constants in our lives but don’t mind going the extra mile to woo someone we know in our hearts will leave us heartbroken. We feel our near and dear ones warrant that treatment, that they don’t mind, that they’ll always come around.

Taking love for granted is brutality

We must remember that while people may stick around because they are nice or because of kinship bonds. Every time we disregard them it dulls their affection for us ever so slightly. We may be oblivious but if we don’t take action now; we may actually end up becoming people who are truly unloved.

While it’s not bad to pursue a romantic interest, don’t do so at the cost of your other relationships. The grief from the end of a romantic relationship is much easier to recover from when compared to someone genuine withdrawing their affection for you. And they are left with no choice except to let go of you and undergo terrible pain.

Over to you

If you agree with my sharing the let’s take an oath today to never take love for granted ever in our lives. If you have been through such a situation ever then I would like to know about your experiences in the comments section below.

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