The Life and death of Danish Zehen

The Life and Death of Danish Zehen: The sad conclusion

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It saddens me to write, talk about or even acknowledge the death of someone young, more so when the person is even younger than me. It feels unfair that I get to have a life when they had it snatched away so suddenly.

That is the life story of the YouTuber and blogger Danish Zehen who passed away on December 19 in a car accident. He gained popularity and a sizeable fan-following in the recent past even though he began his YouTube channel just a few years back. He hailed from a upper middle-class muslim family and made DIY and styling videos.

What made him famous

He made videos on styling and grooming and even on bikes, which he was very fond of. As gender roles are blurring, I think more and more men are coming out and admitting that they too invest a lot on their looks and they care as much about their appearance as anyone else. Danish Zehen provided easy and in vogue fashion advice to the unaware misinformed youth of that age group.

To anyone older his styling would be bizarre but it is what appeals to the masses and gets the desired attention. Considering he was sufficiently popular on YouTube and Instagram, people liked his content and fashion advice. To have a man, that too a muslim man (a faith where a majority of the people are considered regressive), talk about fashion and styling is refreshing. “Danish Zehen hairstyle”, “Danish Zehen girlfriend”, “Danish Zehen bike” are all popular searches related to the late YouTuber.

Another reason I feel his content was such a hit is because – being a man and belonging to the age group he does, he shows a lot of vulnerability and owns up to his wrong-doings and shortcomings on a very public platform. I haven’t come across many men doing the same. For someone being on the verge of shutting down, he was resilient and optimistic.

When you’re famous you end up being trolled and Danish was at the receiving end of many hate comments. His dressing style (although a lot of people aspire to have a similar kind themselves) was strange.. For someone of his age he seemed to be handling what all fame brought with a lot  grace.

Aftermath of his death

The young lad breathed his last at December 19, in a car accident. The accident was not caused by some vengeful impulsive youth, but because Danish himself lost control of his car. At the time, he was driving back home after having attended a wedding.

As per reports, apparently some Islamic religious priests even visited Danish’s house and told his mother and brother that he has paid for his sins, that he was making the youth go astray and his accident was a result of his deeds. Such insensitivity at a time like that is unimaginable.

His last rites were conducted on the night of December 20 and had some media coverage which showed many of his fans mourning the loss of a figure they looked up to. The family is obviously devastated considering the death was completely unexpected. Even in his videos, Danish Zehen expressed love and gratitude towards his parents, showing the family shared a close bond.

On a personal note…

Even though I was unaware about the person until there were headlines of his death, I felt sad to know someone lose their life at such a young age. He mustn’t have been all that famous, but he did touch lives and had his own creative endeavour. May his family and fans have the strength to cope with the loss.

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