The Trump Regime for Middle East – Peace or Destruction?

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We always hear about the benefits of a globalized world, a world that works beyond possible to build peace among people and countries. At the same time their lies scope for imposters who lure people for bringing the change, possibly politicians. And Trump is the best out of them. People who consider themselves as the most evolved human race have elected people like Trump to fulfill their American dream. But better said than done, how on earth American people can choose a menace like this as the president and expect peace.

The American Plot

Previously it was Bush and now it is Trump, taking the war with innocent people in the name of fighting terror. Considerably, this Middle East planning of Trump can be another move to destruction. Why can’t Americans keep calm and sustain their powers for their own good. I mean, look at their own civic condition that has gone bad to worse and remained in continuous decline since past three decades. This article from explains it all, “How Donald Trump is Reviving American Democracy.

The Trump Regime for Middle East

Let us discuss the demeaning regime of Trump for Middle East. It has been recognized that Trump has been breaking policies ever since he has been appointed as the president. This has already causing the great unorder in US and melting down its consensus with other nations. His latest plan to move US embassy from from Tel Aviv (a city on Israel’s Mediterranean coast) to Jerusalem might be another destructive plot in the name of peace making. Undeniably, the past cannot be forgotten. The world knows about the Gaza massacre, 2014.

Moreover, what can you expect from a president of this type? As the common idiom states that “Dogs who bark don’t bite so easy, but whenever they bite it hurts really bad”. Similarly, this embassy plan can be outrageous for Palestine and Gaza which are already the most affected regions since long while now. People are assuming that this can lead to massive destruction and losses similar to what happened back in 2014.

The worst has already come

Is it really happening? The world sits idle while America speculate their actions and execute them. Trump has lately announced Jerusalem as the capital of Israel on 7th December, 2017. The complete speech is here.

Of-course,  this step is appreciated by Israelis as they believe to have all positive actions from USA and consider that beneficial for their nation. The Jewish  state and its people can’t be more grateful while the prime minister of Israel Netanyahu supports Trump in a video by calling his decision “courageous and just” and “an important step towards peace”. At the same time he also accused Iran for prosecuting a terrorist regime. You can watch the video right here.

Israel describes Jerusalem as the united holy city for Jews, Muslims and Christians. They brag for its Jewish, Muslim and Christian holy places. But its history unveils the bigger picture of conflict. We all know, seventy years ago with the end of British rule, the UN voted to partition Palestine into Jewish and Arab states. At that time, Jerusalem was defined as a separate entity under international supervision. And now, we have this Israel – Palestine Peace Process to roll back the seventy years old decision. Considerably, this can actually do more bad than good by blowing off the peace in middle east and turning the rivers of holy lands red.

What Israel is expecting?

Let us give you the inhumane basis of Israel’s government; Yair Lapid, the leader of Yesh Atid (a center-left opposition party) said “Policies should not be dictated by threats and intimidation. If violence is the only argument against moving the embassy to Jerusalem, then it only proves it is the right thing to do.”

History repeats itself and Israel is close to perform its old deeds. You can’t expect peace from the ruthless. USA has already announced Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital. And it is assumed to create unstable environment again in the middle east if Saudi Arabia doesn’t abide with US and Israel. What they think is may be the success of their strategic patience but it may turn into a social epidemic soon.

Over to you

I tried inculcating crisp information and the common opinion of people. Now it’s your turn to share yours. Use the comment section below to post your opinion.

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