if you want to make enemies, try to change something

If You Want To Make Enemies, Try To Change Something – Adam Jensen

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Everybody loves quotes and we at Laffaz Media never fail to share some really ironic quotes which teaches us a lot. Currently, we are sharing quotes from video games and sooner there will be a complete collection these. Previously, we shared a quote from Deus-Ex video game and now we have come up with another in the same series.

“If you wanna make enemies, try to change something.” – Adam Jensen

This is actually a dialogue spoken by the leading character of the video game Adam Jensen in the trailer of the game Deus Ex – Human Revolution. It is a short dialogue that holds a big meaning. So at this time, let us decrypt the meaning behind these strong words in segments.

Change Begets Enemies

Change is inevitable. That we would want to change ourselves, our way of living or the world is also inevitable. Hence, change does not come easy. Throughout history we can see a multitude of examples of inventors, scientists, like Galileo who was imprisoned for saying the Earth was not flat. They faced a lot of resistance from the entire society and from the powerful, influential people in society when they tried to change the way people lived, their beliefs, their ideologies. Change is always going to beget people who staunchly oppose it and try to bulldoze the person who is trying to make a change. And, this happens even if a positive or a scientifically accurate change is being brought about. Humans do not like being challenged to step out of their comfort zones and they do anything to resist it.

Our Truest Friends Will Come Forward in Testing Times

Like every other thing in this world, trying to make a change also has both pros and cons. While the con was that we will make inevitably many enemies if we try to bring about even a slight change in people or anything that affects us. The huge pro is that trying to make a change will not only strengthen our will, determination and character, but it will also help us cognize which are our truest friends and which are pretending to be. This is where we will become capable of separating the wheat from the chaff. The fake friends or well-wishers will not stand by us as we attempt to take on the world. True friends, however, even if their ideologies may differ, will support us in our venture.

Why the Change is Necessary?

Because it makes us stronger. Even thinking of making a change is a gigantic step in self-development. We know that there will be people opposing us but, we are willing to go ahead and do it anyway. This develops strength, is a great boost to our will power and aggrandizes our self-confidence. It is instrumental in building character and the world will be a better place due to our positive impact.

Let us change!

So, let us try to change the world one person at a time. Let us try to change something to recognize who our true friends really are. Let us try to change something to make the world a better place to live in, to change ourselves, our society, our loved ones and fill it with more love and compassion.

Ending up

When you try to change something or someone, it always fuels some people to get aggravated. But, it will also show us who are truest friends are, because they will stand by us through thick and thin. So, we should not get demoralized if we make enemies when trying to bring about a change, we should focus on our true friends and rousing the strength to make the change.

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