Veere di Wedding Review

Veere di Wedding Review – A Perfect Plagiarized Plot from Hollywood

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Veere di Wedding is a female buddy bachelorette group movie caught attention for many reasons. Primarily, it’s a Kareena Kapoor starrer, after a lengthy maternity leave the new mother has returned to portray Kalindi in the movie. It stars Sonam Kapoor as Avni, Swara Bhaskar as Sakshi and Shikha Talsania playing Meera.

Next, it’s a bold movie. After Lipstick under my Burkha, this movie doesn’t beat around the bush with sexual expletives, it hits the spot immediately.

Veere di wedding, has it happened before?

Yet another something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue sort of tale. The theme is age-old. Add a pinch of Bridesmaids, Rough Night and Sex and the City and knock in a glass of The Hangover with a spoon full of Desi Ghee and voila! We have ourselves a time pass folks!

A peak on the movie covers says it all.

Now, I must say that Bollywood seriously needs more movies like Raazi.

The four women of marital womanhood

Kareena plays the bride to be but doesn’t want to be. After growing up in a broken household, her storyline concentrates on discovering her feelings about the institution. Next is Sonam’s Avni. She is a divorce lawyer who is ironically hellbent on getting married. Swara’s Sakshi is a rich woman recuperating from a messy divorce and is discovering what gossips Delhi aunties can be. Meera played by Shikha is married to a ‘firangi’ and with child and is coming to terms with how a baby changes everything – from one’s body to one’s sex life.

In the days leading up to Kalindi’s marriage, the foursome bond, bicker, identify what’s holding them back, and ultimately heal, while completely exhausting you in the process. What does one do when they’re dealing with love, life, marriage, and heartbreak? Say Phuket and go to Phuket to rethink their decisions.

Second half and climax

Other than being a connect the dots type of plot, the movie has some “shocking and “life-altering” revelations which seem forced down one’s throat. Thankfully, director Shashanka wakes up before the climax and reels the movie into a fun finish.

If this review is swaying you, hear from this auntyji who gave a very candid review:

Wasn’t she sweet?

The Takeaway

Undoubtedly a bold movie. To some, it may come off as four women attempting to rebel in a wannabe manner with abusing, drugs, sexual education and exchanges and lots of drinking. To others, it may seem like a breath of fresh air.

Is Veere di wedding a family entertainer? NO! Unless your grandmother is comfortable with masturbation, it is in no way a family entertainer. Watching it with friends? Sure! You’ll learn new ways to degrade people with words.

Watch it for the performance. Watch it for the sights. Watch it watch out for failures like this.

So what’s your Veere di Wedding Review? Let us know what you thought of this movie in your comments below.

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