Who are atheists

Who are atheists? People who tend to believe in Almighty when their life falls apart.

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Today, I would like to elaborate on an enormous quote written by one of our proud Laffazians, Mohammed Haseeb.

“Who are atheists? People who tend to believe in Almighty when their life falls apart.”

Who are atheists and what is atheism?

I’m not going to give you the boring definition of atheists or atheism. Rather, I would like to take you a 100 miles ahead.

It is evident that the culture all around the world is undergoing drastic transformation; at the same time, there are many insane things happening too. Atheism though isn’t really a religion but however if counted as a community it is one of the fastest growing after Islam and Christianity and is considered as a threat for the leading two in today’s time. However, what is the cause of growing atheism in today’s time? Is it the Multiculturalism? Even the young 12-13-year-old kids who once blindly followed all rituals taught by their parents and supported the same political parties have now become the 18-year-old atheists who hate politics. Here are a few of the reasons that I think have contributed to the rise of this non-conformity.

1. Misunderstood Customs and Scriptures.

I had once read somewhere in my literature book that many years ago an old Priest used to take his son and cat to the temple everyday where he would perform his rituals. Due to the cat’s hyperactiveness, the old priest used to tie it up and then perform the rituals. Years went by so and one day the old man died leaving behind his son to carry forward the legacy. After a few days when the cat died too, the son assuming that tying the cat was a ritual performed by his father, brought a cat and started tying it before every prayer performed thus assuming to have performed his duty and made it a custom. This is just a small example of the harsh reality still prevalent in the society.

2. Misguided Scholars

One of the worst things to have been inflicted on the society in terms of religion is undoubtedly is the existence of misguided scholars directing a mass chunk of people in the wrong direction. There are instances when the snippets of the scholars posted by the anti-religious pages of the scholars preaching irrational things are most of the times ones whom religious people themselves don’t listen or follow. Wrong, biased interpretation of the scriptures and misleading lectures or sermons or promotion of intolerance has also led to the adoption of atheism amongst the youth.

3. The failed idea of following blindly

This can be considered as one of the most blameworthy point of all; because the very point of believing the unseen is what doesn’t go down well with most turned atheists. Most of the intellectual followers emphasize on following without seeing but not without thinking however the irrationality has creeped in somehow making people emphasize on following without seeing, thinking and questioning lest it’s a sin wherein all the logic fades away and makes a room for doubt.

The curiosity in the teenagers regarding God, Religion, purpose of life and spirituality is most of the times not properly fed or explained and simply ordered to follow the current ways of living. The entire idea of instructions without logical explanation doesn’t really work for the generation leading to think of atheism as a logical option.

4. The wrong idea of Patriarchy

Last week as I walked past a mosque with my sister, her 4-year-old daughter ran in the garden outside the mosque door. My sister smiled and entered the gate and went towards the garden behind her to which I asked if we could actually enter the gate. She turned around surprisingly asking me if that place was haram(forbidden) or was our act wrong to go near a place like a mosque to which I realized how the society has made all these restrictions making religion bad in the picture. The concept of women barred in temples or considering them impure are merely over implementation of easy basic rules.

5. Emphasis of unnecessary customs

The important aspects like humanity, cleanliness, spirituality take a back seat while the unnecessary customs invented by some random people which are being followed through years are given more importance which barely even matter. The irrationality of these rituals makes the youth wonder the entire concept of religion and thus paves way for atheism.

6. The followers and not religion

Most of the time it’s the followers ruining the religion for people by promoting intolerance and going against anyone having slightly different views and proclaiming them as the sinners or the ones going to hell. The amount of judgement and lack of understanding or logic too is a cause of negativity towards religion.


Religion is always seen as an easy tool to mishandle to give it a wrong picture. However, it’s the need of the hour for the elders and scholars to look after the questions and resolve them for the people instead of simply asking them to blindly follow. Considerably, even atheists are not doing any good to the society. So, if you are an atheists or become one then just start asking yourself this question “who are atheists?”.

These were my personal opinions on the sensitive issue which you all are free to not agree with however, let us know about your thoughts in the comments section below.

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