Without Control, there is no room for freedom

Without Control There Is No Room for Freedom, Only The Anarchy

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Here is another quote from our series of quotes from video games. As you have read already the quote about freedom; I’m trying explaining it in context with today’s scenario.

What people think of Freedom?

The concepts of freedom and liberty are very complex and have no precise definition to go by. To some, freedom may be the permission to stay out late at night, while to others freedom is the choice to pursue their dreams or be open about their sexuality. While freedom may sound liberating, it prevails and flourishes only when there is a powerful authority exercising sufficient control.

Very few people learn responsibility

Anyone who is a fan of the Spiderman series, is familiar with the quote

“With great power, comes great responsibility”

While it sounds like a good motto to love life by, very few people manage its successful implementation.

Even if we aren’t overachievers who are placed in positions of authority, since childhood we do have a set of responsibilities to fulfill, as children, friends, siblings, and the like. People especially the youth, rarely feel accountable for their actions, and thus seen acting irresponsibly the most often.

Liberty comes with its restrictions

As mentioned earlier, freedom is a complex topic. It actually doesn’t mean doing whatever you like, it means doing whatever you like as long as you aren’t disrupting the rights and privileges of others. Therefore, liberty can only be achieved when the ones holding authority are judiciously exercising control. Freedom will be available equally to all when everyone stays within limits and respects the rights of others.

The youth of today’s generation perceive parental guidance or restrictions very negatively; but they always end up regretting their misdeeds. Taking example of sexuality; you must have already seen many girls regretting their sexual relations after breakups.

Maturity and conscience

It is generally the youth who are rebellious and disruptive, as just a short while ago they were subject to so many restrictions. The newfound liberty is thrilling. While many of us grow out of this phase and learn to exercise our rights responsibly, there are quite a few who don’t. Many just grow physically but don’t mind asserting their rights even if it gets in the way of others.

Blatant misuse of freedom

There are several instances where people misuse their power and control. “Nepotism” a word made popular by Kangana Ranaut, prevails in all arenas. Not just nepotism, but sexism, racism, nudismatheism and the like are many harsh realities which are all a kind of misuse of freedom. People twist rules or override them to have their way. This shows how giving someone too much power might not always be a right decision.

In Conclusion

We see how there’s a very thin line between freedom and restrictions. Absolute and complete freedom is in no way a good thing. People should learn to act in their best interests and make the most of the allowances they are given. Liberty is only worth when it’s restricted.

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