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At LAFFAZ, our prime aim is to establish an interactive community of writers and readers by publishing both editorial and external content. Writing is a state of art and we value the same at heart by welcoming guest posts – giving everybody a chance to reach our massive audience encompassing News Readers, Entrepreneurs, Influencers, Startups, SMBs, Digital Marketers, Working Professionals, Students, and more.

If you would like to publish an interesting write-up that can compel our readers to give a hit, we are all ears!

Why write for us?

Writing for LAFFAZ is a mutually rewarding avenue. Not only you get a namespace for yourself but we also help you garner maximum notability via blasting your article across our social media and marketing channels. On top of that, the articles that you publish on LAFFAZ stay forever and warrant recurring reach.

Topics we cover

LAFFAZ Media majorly covers Business News, Startup Stories, and topics that matter to the masses including Marketing, Technology, Travel, Entertainment, Books, Digital Marketing, Celebrity News, Lifestyle & Culture, and Politics. If you want to contribute an interesting article around any of these topics, we welcome you to submit your article inline with our editorial guidelines listed below.

Editorial Guidelines

Read these guidelines before you submit a guest post.

  • Ensure that the article is not promotional.
  • Ensure that the article isn’t published elsewhere and original (not plagiarised).
  • Problem-solving subject around niches including Business, Startups, Marketing, Entertainment, Celebrities, Lifestyle & Culture, Books.
  • The article length should be at least 600 words.
  • Try to back the information in the article with data and mention sources wherever applicable.
  • Use bulleted lists and sub-heads to make the article skimmable for the readers.
  • LAFFAZ holds the right to modify or edit any information given in your article only to make it useful and searchable for the users.

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