About us

LAFFAZ is your digital tabloid that decrypts strenuous information into easily consumable language graspable to the masses.

The Persian word ‘Laffaz’ means an Outspoken person or Boaster, so is the purpose of LAFFAZ Media – boasting noteworthy news and startup stories of MENA (Middle East & North Africa) and the ones concerning India and the Middle East relations. Why? Because India and the Middle East have a long history of trade partnership that worth $135+ billion as of 2017-18. And since UAE is one of the top destinations for startup funding, and India being the third-largest startup ecosystem after the US and UK, thus attracting investments from UAE & MENA as a whole. That’s where our content acts as a synergy between startups in India and the Middle East nations.

Though we primarily publish about Startups, we also care about a few other important topics followed by the majority of the masses including Entertainment, Politics, Health and Books.

Startup Solutions

Being a media platform, we have a gigantic user base and access to a diverse audience who read our content and get exposure to the startups working with us.

1. Startup Stories

Our oath is to bring forward the lesser-known startups and we fulfil it by publishing startup stories which attract thousands of our daily and new readers.

2. LAFFAZ BrandBooster

We run dedicated marketing campaigns for startups, publish product reviews and return tremendous reach by leveraging our reach and channels comprising of our Website, Social Media, Email, Whatsapp and more.

3. Media partnerships

As a media partner, we help organizers promote events and meetups by publishing articles and running dedicated campaigns.

4. Web-Development & Digital Marketing

We offer best in class services including – Website development, Content Writing, SEO, Social Media Marketing and Marketing Automation. We have a dedicated platform DigitalMafias.com hand-crafted specifically for this.

If you wish to get your startup story published or interested in any of the above-listed services, just contact us to get a quote.

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