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Diverse Audience

Entrepreneurs, investors, influencers, students

Top Geographies

MENA, India, US, UK, China


2.24 Million – Average Monthly Search Engine impression

Social Media channels

Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Quora, Reddit and more

Ways to advertise with us

A spectrum of intuitive and cost-effective brand solutions that lets you leverage LAFFAZ’s reach and return a recurring  impact for your startup or brand

On-site banner ads

Smart display ad placements across LAFFAZ website that yield impressions, clicks and brand recall for your business.

LAFFAZ BrandBooster

Noteworthy story drafted around your startup or brand that reaches our massive user base recurringly. Check out some branded stories here

Sponsored stories

Expertise-driven and problem-solving articles written by you and optimised by us - letting readers recognise your brand.

Magazine sponsorship

Full-page ads and sponsored articles in our digital magazine issues. For demonstration, check our last digital issue here

Clients & Partners

Startups and Institutions that worked with us


People Canvas

People we have worked with and the ones who recognise us

Ambar Amleh - COO, Ibtikar Fund

Ambar Amleh

COO, Ibtikar Fund
Areije Alshakar - Areije Al Shakar Director Al Waha Venture Capital Fund of Funds

Areije Alshakar

Director, Al Waha Fund of Funds
Asil Attar - CEO, Lead Associates Ltd

Asil Attar

CEO, Lead Associates Ltd
Asma Ahmad - Founder Zaha Experience

Asma Ahmad

Founder, Zaha Experience
Courtney Powell - COO, 500 Startups

Courtney Powell

COO, 500 Startups
Dr Sara Al Madani

Dr Sara Al Madani

Board Member, Ministry of Economy, UAE
Habib Hazzan - Managing General Partner, Ibtikar Fund

Habib Hazzan

Managing General Partner, Ibtikar Fund
Huda Kattan - CEO, Huda Beauty

Huda Kattan

CEO, Huda Beauty
Kelly-Lundberg-Celebrity Stylist _ Business Mentor

Kelly Lundberg

Celebrity Stylist & Business Mentor
Laila Hassan - Principal, 500 Startups

Laila Hassan

Principal, 500 Startups
Laura Tynan

Laura Tynan

Business Coach & Award-Winning Speaker
Marwa-Aleskafi - Head of Program, Brinc MENA

Marwa Aleskafi

Head of Program, Brinc MENA
Rama Chakaki

Rama Chakaki

Co-Founder, Mint and Laurel
Sahiqa-Bennett - CEO _ Co-founder, Searchie

Sahiqa Bennett

CEO & Co-founder, Searchie
Thea C. Myhrvold - Founder _ CEO, GetBEE

Thea C. Myhrvold

Founder & CEO, GetBEE
Zahara Malik - CEO & Co-Founder - Grosvenor Capital

Zahara Malik

CEO & Co-Founder, Grosvenor Capital


Common questions with answers related to all above-listed advertising avenues

On-site Display Ads

How will I be charged for ads?

We have respective pricing plans – offering a respective number of impressions such as 10K, 20K, 50K, 100K and so on.

What ad sizes are supported?

Supported ad sizes are: 720x90px, 320x280px, 436x60px, 300x250px. We suggest you create and share your display ads in all these sizes, it helps us display your ads across all ad spaces on our site.

How do we manage multiple display ads?

Simply by displaying ads rotationally in respective ad spaces. You’ll get the report of your ad performance after your subscription ends.

LAFFAZ BrandBooster

What is a branded story?

This comes under our flagship service called ‘LAFFAZ BrandBooster’. Under this, we publish a story about your startup or brand – encompassing the introduction, core cognition, key metrics and all other information related to your business. For a quick demonstration, here’s our column enlisting branded stories.

How to publish a branded story?

Just submit your business details using this form, and we’ll get back to you in no time.

How can I track the performance of my branded story?

After 30 days of publishing your story, we share a performance report with you. Remember, a branded story is drafted and published with an objective of returning longer shelf-life and recurring engagement.

Sponsored Stories

What is a sponsored story?

Problem-solving articles written on topics crucial to our audience such as Marketing, Business, Startups, Technology, Funding and everything in between.

What are the benefits involved in sponsored stories?

  • 1 Do-follow backlink per sponsored story
  • Recurring reach to your content, since the articles that you publish on LAFFAZ stays forever there.

Magazine Sponsorship

How I can I take an ad space in LAFFAZ’s magazines?

You can fill this form and we’ll inform you whenever we plan a magazine issue. Then, you’ll have the opportunity to choose an ad space.

Are there other ways to participate in the magazine issue?

Absolutely! you can contribute a data-backed article, a noteworthy piece on a certain sector, and also get your own interview covered. You can let us know here.

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