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  • Startup Funding 101: How does Startup Funding work? Equity Financing and Funding Rounds explained

    This article is intended to educate and address common yet vital questions among aspiring and newbie entrepreneurs in the simplest language possible.

  • 7 Tips to craft a compelling job resume

    Tips to craft a compelling resume that will definitely help you identify and fill the gaps in your resume or curriculum vitae.

  • Virtual Data Rooms as secure enterprise document- sharing platforms

    Virtual data rooms (VDRs) are secure online repositories that make secure data storage and transfer possible. Data security ensures that your vital…

  • Story of startup funding and growth – The Harsh Reality

    I’m not demotivating you by saying all this, but I wish to prepare you for the inevitable problems and hurdles that almost every entrepreneur faces but don’t speak

  • Remote working isn’t the end of traditional office space

    Tips to survive the COVID-19 pandemic and social isolation from a seasoned remote worker

  • How this Dubai-based entrepreneur made ‘I am Dubai’ app a great success?

    A 27-year-old Dubai-based entrepreneur Kareem Elmashad, also known as Kareem Zoro launched the I am Dubai app in March 2019.

  • Top-funded Delivery & Logistics Startups in MENA – FY20

    Delivery & Transport sector stood at first place in terms of amount raised in the last fiscal year. Let’s now look at the top-funded delivery & logistics startups in the MENA.

  • ‘Online Is the Place to Be’ – Says this insurance comparison website

    Mark Bachayani, co-founder of BuyAnyInsurance.com, shared the reasons he thinks online is the only place to be for the future of global business.

  • Data Treasure Hunters: Science Expanding to New Frontiers

    Big data is a new way to begin a treasure hunt on a massive scale. Scientists are using computing power and cloud computing to make sense out of large

  • 5 things to know about opening an NRI bank account

    NRI accounts are quite different than ordinary bank accounts in India. They have higher restrictions and flags in place to prevent money laundering and other financial crimes.