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  • How Tweak India, the platform by Twinkle Khanna is augmenting the state of Women Empowerment

    The 45-year-old Twinkle Khanna, a Bollywood superstar back in September launched her digital content platform called Tweak India…

  • How Aalna Corp is building environment-friendly homes & boosting independent artists

    Founded in March 2018 by Mayank Kharkwal and Ruhnees Rao Gharu, Aalna Corp is a real-estate construction & consulting and influencer management company.

  • How to find an office space for lease in Minneapolis, MN

    Are you planning to expand your business in Minnesota and looking for a Minneapolis space for lease? Or are you a small business wanting to establish your presence in the area?

  • Top handpicked Movies for Women Entrepreneurs & Startup Founders

    Here is a subset of handpicked movies that delve into the niche of women entrepreneurship and a must-watch for women entrepreneurs.

  • WATR – Re-envisioning the state of digital product design for startups

    Based out of Gurugram, WATR stands out as a digital product design startup offering agile and price-transparent remote design team to Fortune 2000 companies…

  • 10 Pull Up Banner Design Tips to enhance your ads

    Pull-up banner design process can be daunting and stressful. To save you money and time cost, here’s a descriptive list of 10 pull-up banner design tips…

  • How to find a job in Qatar – Best Tips

    The recent upsurge of jobs in Qatar is attributed to the country’s demand for skilled workers and its growing economy; making it an ideal destination for expats,

  • Kashmirica – Srinagar-based startup unveiling Kashmiri art to the world

    Kashmirica – The e-commerce platform aims to bring the best of Kashmir’s luxury handicrafts, art and culturally-driven products to the world.

  • 9 ideal Tips for Women to become better Entrepreneurs

    Here are some tips for budding women entrepreneurs and especially for the young women who are aspiring to be starting their entrepreneurial journey.

  • VentAllOut – A Catalyst Paving Towards a Stress-free Global Society

    VentAllOut lets people share their load and get rewarded rather than just sharing content to increase followers on traditional social media platforms.