Terms of Service

Consuming LAFFAZ’s content is awesome and it gets even more awesome if you buy a few minutes to read through the below-listed policy guidelines.

Our rights

LAFFAZ reserves the right to remove any piece of content including: articles, photos, videos any time. If you find anything offending or inappropriate you can report the same by contacting us through our contact page.


  • You are welcomed to share the content published on LAFFAZ via social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn or any other.
  • If you wish to syndicate any of the articles published on LAFFAZ on your own website, blog or any online property then you can share up to 50 percent of the article text followed by a link to the original article published on LAFFAZ website.


  • You cannot publish the content of LAFFAZ on your own website or social media channel without crediting LAFFAZ.
  • You cannot use any material like text, graphic or video of featured anywhere on LAFFAZ for commercial purpose.


LAFFAZ, as an independent media organisation takes its rules and ethics seriously. We strongly recommend you to go through the following disclaimers and abide with the same.

  • Any information that is voluntarily published on LAFFAZ about you, your company, startup, brand or entity can be tweaked or edited after publishing on your request.
  • Any information about you, your company, startup or brand that is published after prior notice to you or approval from you won’t be edited or tweaked in any way once published. If you fail to address our email notices prior to publishing any information related to you or your entity on LAFFAZ, any requests regarding tweaks, edits or change in information won’t be entertained.
  • In case of digital and print magazine publications of LAFFAZ, prior notices are always sent to influencers, business owners, startups, brands and entities featured in the publications. In case you fail to address our email notices or communications, any requests regarding tweaks, edits or change in information won’t be entertained.