Inspiring interviews with startup founders, mentors and Influencers that foster learning and growth for entrepreneurs and the aspiring ones.

  • Exclusive Interview: Dr. Tausif Malik on how Halal Investment is gaining momentum in the startup ecosystem

    Here’s to our conversation with Dr. Tausif, the founder of Halal Angels Network – enlightening us on the potential of Halal angel investment.

  • #StartupsVCovid19 – In conversation with Laila Hassan – Principal, 500 Startups

    Here’s to our second conversation in the series #StartupsVCovid19 with Laila Hassan, who is the Principal at 500 Startups.

  • #StartupsVCovid19 – In conversation with Ramesh Jagannathan – MD, startAD

    The conversation about the impact of COVID-19 on the MENA startup ecosystem, the opportunities, problems, and solutions with Mr Ramesh Jagannathan

  • Exclusive Interview: Kelly Lundberg on how she made fortune as a Celebrity Stylist & Business Mentor

    A week after the International Women’s Day 2020, a representative of LAFFAZ met Kelly Lundberg in Dubai to talk about her career and entrepreneurial journey.

  • Exclusive Interview with Laura Tynan – Business Coach & Award-Winning Speaker

    It is our privilege to be presenting this interview with Laura Tynan, the founder of Laura Tynan Ltd. centred around empowering women in business..

  • In Conversation with 23-yr-old Akanksha Nirbhavane – Founder, WrapCart

    Let’s hear it from Akanksha Nirbhavane, the 23-year-old entrepreneurand founder of WrapCart, an ecommerce startup from Mumbai.

  • Exclusive Interview with Asma Ahmad – Founder, Zaha Experience

    Today we take immense pleasure to be presenting this amazing conversation with Asma Ahmad, the founder of a social impact firm Zaha Experience, Dubai.

  • In Conversation With Aditya Arora – CEO, FAAD Network

    LAFFAZ Media lately caught up with Aditya Arora, the CEO of Faad, a Gurugram-based startup accelerator firm…

  • Interview with Meghna Pant – Author of How to Get Published in India

    A pleasure to present this inspiring conversation with Meghna Pant, the author of ‘How to get published in India’…

  • Interview with Devika Das – The Author of Mind Game

    Ladies and Gentlemen! Allow us to introduce Devika Das, an award-winning author and poet. Her publishing journey commenced in 2016 when her first title ‘7 Vows of Marriage’…

  • Interview with Nuzhat Jahan – The Author of Lahara

    With our tremendous zeal and love for books, we have brought you this conversation with Nuzhat Jahan, the author of Lahara; We Are One. Hailing from Fiji, Nuzhat is a student of Law, Philosophy and Sharia Law.

  • Interview with Sandeep Sharma – The Author of ‘The Stalker’

    Today we would like to take pleasure in publishing this interview with Sandeep Sharma, the author of ‘The Stalker’. He has written a total of 3 novels and participated in 8 anthologies…

  • An Interview with Fashion Blogger – Kajal Mishra

    Hello Fellas! Today we would like to introduce you to kajal Mishra, a well-known fashion blogger from Goa. Her online presence is where she whole heatedly publishes everything that’s trending in the fashion industry and her recommendations.

  • An Interview with Khushboo Verma – The Smokey Eyes Girl

    Let’s here it from this new face in the fashion domain, Khushboo Verma a.k.a The Smokey Eyes girl about her journey of becoming a fashion influencer ➤

  • An Interview with Naveed Qazi – Author of The Trader of War Stories

    Today we would like to take pleasure in publishing this interview with the Kashmiri novelist Mr. Naveed Qazi in context to his book The Trader of War Stories.