Inspiring interviews with startup founders, mentors and Influencers that foster learning and growth for entrepreneurs and the aspiring ones.

  • In conversation with MENA startup guru: Bruce Gurfein, Founder of Future Gig

    We sat LIVE with Bruce Gurfein, Founder of Future Gig accelerator; and the CEO of Connect LLC. UAE, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Bahrain, Palestine, and Israel.

  • Exclusive conversation with Abhilekh Dwivedi on ‘Misuse of Artificial Intelligence’

    Conversation with the renowned Indian author, Abhilekh Dwivedi, recently rolled out ‘Fareb Ka Safar’ – throwing light on the crucial subject ‘misuse of artificial intelligence’.

  • AMA with CView founder Chavi Agarwal on ‘Employment in the Age of Artificial Intelligence’

    Exclusive AMA (Ask Me Anything) episode with Chavi Agarwal, Founder & CEO CView, on ‘Employment in the Age of Artificial Intelligence’.

  • Exclusive Interview: Robyn Abou Chedid, a.k.a ‘Girl Named Robyn’, Founder of GUIDED Agency

    Here’s to Robyn Abou Chedid, an international award-winning influencer and established Executive Coach, formulating integrated marketing strategies.

  • AMA with Ureed’s Marwan Abdelaziz on Freelancing, COVID-19 & Gig Economy

    Exclusive AMA (Ask Me Anything) episode with Marwan Abdelaziz, CEO of Ureed, on ‘Connecting the Dots of Freelancing, COVID-19, and Gig Economy’.

  • Exclusive Interview on Entrepreneurial Well-being with mindset & communication coach, Avneet Kohli

    An insightful conversation with Avneet Kohli, a mindset & communication coach, on a very needful topic, ‘Entrepreneurial Well-being’.

  • Exclusive Interview: Sameer Nath, Co-founder of, a new global search engine

    It is our immense pleasure to be presenting this conversation with the Sameer Nath, Co-founder & Head of Programming at

  • Exclusive Interview: Dr. Tausif Malik on how Halal Investment is gaining momentum in the startup ecosystem

    Here’s to our conversation with Dr. Tausif, the founder of Halal Angels Network – enlightening us on the potential of Halal angel investment.

  • #StartupsVCovid19 – In conversation with Laila Hassan – Principal, 500 Startups

    Here’s to our second conversation in the series #StartupsVCovid19 with Laila Hassan, who is the Principal at 500 Startups.

  • #StartupsVCovid19 – In conversation with Ramesh Jagannathan – MD, startAD

    The conversation about the impact of COVID-19 on the MENA startup ecosystem, the opportunities, problems, and solutions with Mr Ramesh Jagannathan

  • Exclusive Interview: Kelly Lundberg on how she made fortune as a Celebrity Stylist & Business Mentor

    A week after the International Women’s Day 2020, a representative of LAFFAZ met Kelly Lundberg in Dubai to talk about her career and entrepreneurial journey.

  • Exclusive Interview with Laura Tynan – Business Coach & Award-Winning Speaker

    It is our privilege to be presenting this interview with Laura Tynan, the founder of Laura Tynan Ltd. centred around empowering women in business..

  • In Conversation with 23-yr-old Akanksha Nirbhavane – Founder, WrapCart

    Let’s hear it from Akanksha Nirbhavane, the 23-year-old entrepreneurand founder of WrapCart, an ecommerce startup from Mumbai.

  • Exclusive Interview with Asma Ahmad – Founder, Zaha Experience

    Today we take immense pleasure to be presenting this amazing conversation with Asma Ahmad, the founder of a social impact firm Zaha Experience, Dubai.

  • In Conversation With Aditya Arora – CEO, FAAD Network

    LAFFAZ Media lately caught up with Aditya Arora, the CEO of Faad, a Gurugram-based startup accelerator firm…