AMA with CView founder Chavi Agarwal on ‘Employment in the Age of Artificial Intelligence’

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Here’s to our exclusive AMA (Ask Me Anything) episode with Chavi Agarwal, Founder & CEO CView, on ‘Employment in the Age of Artificial Intelligence’. In this live conversation, we discussed with Chavi, how Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Application Tracking Systems are disrupting the employment landscape in India as well as globally and much more including:

  • All about AI-based Application Tracking Systems (ATS)
  • Remote hiring: Advantages and Disadvantages
  • Pain points of CV building for job-seekers
  • How startups can augment their hiring process in 2021


Talking about Application Tracking Systems (ATS) in general and the core-cognition behind CView, Chavi highlighted,

“For any particular job role, there has to be a technologically-driven method of screening recruits. Globally, around 72 percent of the companies have started using ATS, and in India alone, 68% of companies use ATS now. A contrary to various people’s beliefs, ATS is really important for the entire job cycle,”

“There are many companies that work on CV creating, but that is based on the expertise of their English, writing skills and HR skills. But what CView has done, it has combined the writing, HR and human recruiter skills in an ATS software. And that’s where CView stands apart.”