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  • 6 best Tips for Tech Startups amid COVID-19 Outbreak

    tips for tech startups and entrepreneurs to deal with COVID-19, on top of that leveraging this downtime as an opportunity to grow and maximise impact.

  • Starzly – Dubai’s entertainment startup letting people book personalised experiences from superstars

    Starzly is an innovative platform offering people with a quick and flexible avenue to book personalised experiences from their favourite people including celebrities

  • 2019 Year in Review – MENA Startup Ecosystem stood at $704 Mn VC funding

    The MENA startup ecosystem attracted a total venture capital of $704 million across 564 startups where UAE, Egypt and KSA topped the list.

  • How the Dubai-based insurtech ‘BuyAnyInsurance.com’ is making insurance buying a piece of cake

    Dubai, UAE-based BuyAnyInsurance.com capitalises helps users compare various insurance options and make informed buying decisions effortlessly.

  • 35 Most Influential Women Entrepreneurs of MENA – 2020

    Here’s to the list of most influential women entrepreneurs of the Middle East and North Africa – creating a consistent impact for the business fraternity.

  • Watchlist: 30 Headlines from 2019 that seal India-MENA relations

    Headlines related to partnerships, funding deals, startup accelerators, incubators and more that happened between India and MENA countries in 2019.

  • Top 40 inspirational movies for entrepreneurs & startup founders

    Here’s to the extensive list of inspirational and motivational movies for entrepreneurs which touch the realm of their hustle and consistency.

  • 2019, a record year for Saudi startup ecosystem with 71 deals raising $67M VC funding

    2019 is a record year for the Saudi startup ecosystem with a total of 71 investment deals raising over $67 million.

  • Union Budget 2020 – Reactions from experts

    Union Budget 2020 has seen some massive reforms and initiatives. Some go in sync with the expectations while some go in contrast. Here are the reactions.

  • Union Budget 2020, Expectations & Wishlist from startups

    Here you can watch the Union Budget 2020 presentation and compare it with the curated list of expectations and wishlist from startups given below…