10 Pull Up Banner Design Tips to enhance your ads

Regardless of how many pullup banner advertising tips you take note of and how long you spend on the design itself, the entire process can be a daunting and stressful one. Though you surely want to design a banner that is perfect for your business and offering, this doesn’t always come easy to those without a lot of design experience.


With so many things to take into consideration and an abundance of information to include on a banner, a lot of businesses are left with pull up banner designs that just don’t do the job. Not only is this a waste of time and money, but it is also unlikely to bring in the leads and sales you are looking for.

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Top Tips For Improving Your Pull Up Banner Design

To save you money and time cost, here’s a descriptive list of 10 pull-up banner design tips that will ensure your banner ad is high quality, effective and memorable.

1. Use a Banner Template

If you haven’t had to design artwork for a pull-up banner before, you may find yourself overwhelmed by the entire task. Even if you have a rough idea of what you would like the banner to look like, implementing this isn’t always easy and transforming your ideas into a final design can be tricky. This is why it’s always a good idea to use a banner template. There are a lot of templates available and they are all designed to help create a fantastic ad. With a template, you have a lot more creative freedom and you are much more likely to get the design right first time.

2. Mention the Business

You will be surprised at just how many companies fail to mention the actual business name on the banner ad, which means that passersby have no idea who you are or what you do. It’s important to mention the business on a banner and a small mention is often enough. This can be done with a logo or by highlighting the name itself. Remember, make it clear and easy to see.

3. Ask a question

Asking a question is a good way to make someone think about what is being advertised. As well as conveying a message, asking a question stops and engages an audience. It gets them thinking and evokes an emotion or thought, which in turn makes the advertisement memorable. You don’t want someone to forget about the advert a few minutes after they have seen it.

4. Don’t be afraid to stand out

There is no shortage of other businesses offering similar products and services as you, all of which will have banner advertisements to contend with. It’s important that your banner stands out from competitors and that key information is highlighted. When you are designing a banner, make sure the ad is visible from five to ten metres away. Choose a font that is bold and clear, otherwise, passersby will struggle to make sense of what you are advertising.

5. Don’t Overcomplicate text

Though you may want to provide people with a lot of information, this can overcomplicate things and unnecessarily confuse them. Instead, keep text short and sweet. The message should be clear and concise, which is difficult to do when there is too much text and an abundance of confusing information to navigate. One of the best banner design tips is to avoid long sentences, too much text and to stick to key information. They can always get in touch if they want to know more.

6. Include images and lots of colour

You don’t have to spend too long looking at banner ads to know that images and colour is a huge part of what makes a great design. Images, graphics and colour grabs the attention of potential customers. Rather than walking by, they will take note of the banner and pay attention to what is being said. Choose images and colours that stand out, but are also relevant to the brand and what the banner is advertising.

7. Offer a discount or special offer

It’s a good idea to include a discount, promotion or special offer in the banner design. This is because people are much more likely to pay attention if you are offering something special or if they think they are going to get something for free. You could offer them a way to save money or the chance to receive a free product.

8. Keep everything branded

When you are designing any banner ad, you need to make it as branded as possible. This means using branded colours, including logos and adding anything that is unique to the business. The banner design should look similar to other advertising methods such as the website, brochures and business cards. Cohesive branding throughout helps to create a recognisable brand.

9. Include a CTA

A lot of people forget to include a call to action in their banner design, despite it being one of the most important aspects and a key marketing technique. If you want to convert passersby into leads and sales, you need to encourage them to get in touch and to find out more. A good CTA is one that clearly explains what someone needs to do next and how they can contact you. Make the CTA bold and easy to see.

10. Look at you competitors

It’s difficult to know what works and what doesn’t work on a banner, especially if you are new to design, but looking at your competitors can help. You should avoid copying them and taking too much inspiration, but there’s no doubt that your competitors can give a good indication of what works for the industry. Think about what they are doing and how they are executing it.

To sum up…

As you can see, there’s certainly no shortage of ways to enhance you’re pull up banner ads. Rather than designing something that you like personally, focus on how you are going to grab and keep the attention of your audience. A well designed pull up banner ad is a successful pull-up banner ad. 

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