7 Must-Have Things to Carry On Hiking

7 Must-Have Things to Carry On Hiking
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Bored and exhausted of repetitive mundane tasks? Taking the weekend off to go hiking is a splendid way of not only enjoying yourself but also refreshing your mind and body. For novice hikers, however, planning a hiking trip is not a spur of the moment decision. It requires analysis of locations, difficulty levels of the trail chosen and necessities to carry on the trip.

The Hiking Project is a community that allows you to find hiking areas near your location.

Once you have found a suitable place to hike, it is time to pack your bags. The following is a list of items that are a must on any hiking trip.

1. Appropriate Footwear

Picking the right pair of shoes is an essential part of a hiking trip. Avoid shoes that are ill-fitted or uncomfortable, cause aches and blisters. Prioritize comfort and flexibility over all other aspects when picking up shoes. Depending on the terrain you have picked, the kind of shoe most appropriate varies. For example, flat terrains and grasslands can have trail shoes whereas hilly regions require hiking boots.

2. Right Clothing

As in the case of footwear, prioritize comfort and flexibility. Pick clothing based on weather conditions. For hot to moderate temperatures, pick short light clothing. An example of such clothing includes a romper dress, shorts, and tank tops. For humid and cold temperatures, focus on layers. Pack waterproof clothing as well. Carry backpacks that can hold extra clothing along with the other essentials and ensure that the backpack is also waterproof and capable of withstanding some amount of wear and tear.

3. Map, compass, and GPS

As hiking involves traversing the wilderness, maps, compasses, and GPS are essential tools to this list. Most, if not all, smartphones come with all of these features and will allow you to keep track of your bearing even when off the beaten track. Carry a fully charged phone as well as power banks to ensure that you stay on the grid all the time. Classical maps geared at hiking will point you towards the nearest campsites, emergency exit routes and water bodies so it is better to carry one of these instead of solely relying on your smartphone.

4. Food and drinks

Carry an abundant supply of energy-rich food (such as energy bars, chocolate box, nuts, and dry fruits) as well as water. If you run out of the water, it could lead to dehydration as well as leave you susceptible to other illnesses. Always carry more food than you think you require. An extra day’s worth of food is considered safe practice. Also, carry hand sanitizers to ensure hygiene while eating. While keeping in mind these essentials, it does not do to take away the fun and relaxing parts of your food and drink supply. Carry Bacardi zombie and enjoy the taste of the flavor against a starry night.

5. First Aid Kit

First Aid Kit’s made for hikers are easily available and consist of standard first aid supplies such as bandages and sprain medicines. Take up classes on how to administer first aid to yourself as well as others. Increased knowledge allows you to react calmly and appropriately.

Preventing accidents is immensely preferable to treating them. In this respect, carry sunscreen to prevent burns, torch lights to prevent going into anything blind and do not attempt difficult paths alone if you are a novice.

6. Biking Gear

For those who are not of the faint of heart, biking trips across hills is a good way of combining exercise and relaxation. Things to keep in mind for a biking trip are picking the right kind of bike (such as dirt bikes) and the bike accessories required for the same. Carry spare tire tubes, a pump, wrenches and duct tape.

7. Multi-purpose Swiss knife

Carry a Swiss knife with you as these can come in handy in a variety of tough situations varying from cutting strips of cloth to form bandages to fixing broken parts of your gear.

Outside of this list, always carry a camera to capture the countless beautiful moments you are sure to encounter in the wilderness. Moreover, looking back at those images will definitely motivate you to plan your next hiking trip!

Over to you!

I bet you’ve found this list worthwhile. If you want to share your feedback or want to suggest more assets one should be carrying for hiking then the comment section below is all yours.

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