Address Home launches Sapphire, Fall & Festive Collection, 2018

Address Home launches ‘the Sapphire collection’. With gold embroidery and hand-embellishments, the glow of heritage brocade like surface on stunning blue velvets and Persian inspiration: all make this stunning collection that plays with shades of blue a stunner.


Through expert handcrafting inspired from antique Persian styles, the Sapphire Collection takes the color blue to sublime heights.  Rich velvets with beadwork and metallic thread give a luxurious textured effect to the entire range.

Sapphire radiates light and glamour across the various styles.  Never before was light captured so immaculately and intricately as a nature’s gift.  Never before were the resplendent shades of blues used so beautifully.

The elegant shades of blue with stylish patterns and beautiful textures, acquires a special luster through expert hand-crafting in this collection.  The collection uses Zari embroidery and Quilting techniques in a pleasing mix of patterns that elevate the fabrics used.

For more details on the collection, high resolution images and information on the products. Please connect at [email protected] or [email protected]

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