Airport costs you need to remember for your travel budget

Airport costs remember travel budget
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Accommodation, flights, new clothes, sunscreen, holiday reads, spending money, all of these things are what your vacation budget goes towards and you plan it carefully to make sure you’re not returning home broke. However, whether it’s spending a little too much on dinner and drinks one night, or treating yourself to a few souvenirs, it can be easier said than done to accidentally overspend when you’re on holiday. Another example of expenses that you might fail to plan for is what you end up spending while you’re waiting at the airport. Below are some of the main things you will end up paying out for when you get to the airport, and remember to factor these into your travel budget before you go.

Departure Tax

A departure fee or tax is charged when a person onboards for abroad. The amount is generally included in the airline ticket itself. Some countries charge departure tax in US dollars rather than local currency.

Flight insurance

Almost every airline today recommends flight insurance in order to protect you against cancellation and any unforeseen emergencies. For international flights, it is always recommended to have a flight insurance in hand.

Luggage Charges

Most airlines will include carry-on and hold luggage in your ticket price depending on which type of ticket you bought (some smaller journeys will only include your carry-on, for example). However, if your luggage is over the weight limit, you can find yourself facing additional charges to bring your bags on the plane with you. These charges can be expensive, so before you leave the house, always remember to weigh your suitcases to make sure that they are within the limits, or be prepared to pay more. You should also consider this when you are returning home if you have bought souvenirs during your trip that will add weight to your bags.

Car Park Fees

If you are planning to drive yourself to the airport, remember that you’ll need to pay for airport parking. These secure lots can be expensive, particularly if you are leaving your vehicle there for more than a couple of days. To find better rates, use websites like this one for LAX airport parking and other locations to save yourself some money.

If you aren’t driving yourself to the airport, you’ll still need to budget for the cost of taxis there and back, or another mode of transport to get you to the airport if no one can give you a ride.

Food and Drink

You won’t be able to bring food and drink with you through the airport security checks, and this is where the cost of waiting for a flight can get pricey. If you have a few hours to kill, getting comfortable in one of the airport bars or coffee shops will be more attractive than trying to find a seat in the waiting areas. However, food and drink prices at these establishments aren’t cheap. In addition to this, you can end up spending more money on plane snacks if they aren’t complimentary or other duty-free items while you’re waiting for your flight. Although the latter is technically cheaper than if you were to shop outside the airport, it’s not always as cost-effective as you think.

Duty-free Shopping

It widely known that neither of seller and customer has to pay sales tax on transactions. But there are chances for sellers to increase the retail prices on items that you buy. Obviously, who knows what’s the actual pricing of items at a duty-free shop.

Over to you

If you are planning to go on vacation soon and you will be flying to your destination, remember to think about the above-listed airport expenses and factor them into your budget, so you don’t end up overspending there.

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