An Interview with Fashion Blogger – Kajal Mishra

An Interview with Fashion Blogger - Kajal Mishra-Laffaz
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Hello Fellas! Today we would like to introduce you to Kajal Mishra, a well-known fashion blogger from Goa. Her online presence is where she whole-heartedly publishes everything that’s trending in the fashion industry and her recommendations. Apart from being zealous for fashion, she also loves and teaches yoga.

To create maximum value for the readers, we poured down the most relevant questions from the fashion industry and her experience as a professional blogger. Her answers yield immense inspiration for the fanatics of the fashion industry as well as bloggers who are in pursuit of crafting careers out of blogging.

Laffaz: How did you start out as a fashion blogger? What interested you to choose this domain? What is your agenda and inspiration behind

Kajal: I spent my first 6 years (2010-2015) of my career in the Banking Industry. However, I was always a creative person and after the first 2-3 years of monotonous banking job I really started getting bored and frustrated, so I thought to try my hands in new fields.

First I started in modelling, which took a turn and I found myself acting in Star TV daily soap Airlines, also I did some theatre with Tom Alter. At the same time, I started my personal blog where I started writing about my journey. After a year of acting and modelling, I realized I am not enjoying the world of acting and modelling, I felt I am not made for this field. During that period unknowingly my blog started getting good traffic from my followers, my friends started sharing my articles to each other which encouraged me to write more. My husband Gaurav noticed that my blog is booming without any effort so he suggested me to convert this personal blog into a professional blog and start working as a full-time blogger, which led me to leave my bank job in 2015 and start my professional fashion and lifestyle blog.

I started the professional blog with domain name, but realized soon that it is very difficult for people to remember the name. I wanted a domain which was easy to remember and show my blog niche clearly, I found which totally fit in both of the

India Fashion Blogger is a platform for girl and women out there, who is looking to make her/his mark in the fashion world. On India Fashion Blogger you will find articles for girls who are living in small cities, looking for tips and tricks, experiencing the fashion weeks and connecting with other readers. A big section of readers come to understand how to be a fashion blogger which would become a major focus for us in future. I want to help at least 10,000 girls in the next 2 years on how to become a blogger and start making money.

Laffaz: What makes you different than other fashion bloggers out there?

Kajal: If you’d meet me, you’d know the difference in an instant 🙂 I am from Varanasi city, and when I came to Delhi in 2011, I didn’t even know the meaning of blogging. Hell, I was not even on Facebook! But today I am earning living as a professional blogger and Yoga Teacher. I have a different connection with my readers, and they can easily see them becoming me. Fashion blogging niche is filled with folks doing shoots with outfits in luxury places, that while gives an initial following, I stopped seeing the sense of same. I endorse the brands long term, build relationships which stay with me. On top of that, I feel my goal is not to make money from the blog, it’s a byproduct in the process of empowering my sisters. My journey with Shakti Fest and soon to be launched is all about helping my sisters find their inner goddess and making them self-sufficient. I want to help my sisters who are living in small cities and are not aware of different career opportun