An Interview with Khushboo Verma – ‘The Smokey Eyes Girl’

Let’s hear it from this new face in the fashion domain, Khushboo Verma a.k.a The Smokey Eyes girl, a notable fashion blogger from Delhi – about her journey of becoming a fashion influencer.


LAFFAZ: How did you start out as a fashion blogger? What interested you to choose this domain?

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Khushboo: I always wanted to be an influencer and used to follow lots of bloggers in mid-2015, then caught up in life’s drama, and career orientation and end up deleting my Instagram account. But I still had that zeal to do something like that. So, I created a new account at the end of 2017 and started posting about my hair color procedures. At that time I was so much into hair color and it was my idea too to enter into this diverse world of fashion but wasn’t doing it properly.

I have been into fitness for the past 4 years but never posted anything and in mid-2018 I started posting videos and hit a good number of followers. One of my friends suggested me to do blogging/vlogging and since the day I started within 10 days, I got my first project into fashion. It was for a laser beauty salon and the ball is being rolling ever since. I consider myself lucky because it has been only 7 months since I started and I am getting interviewed for being a fashion influencer here at Laffaz. It’s an achievement for me!

LAFFAZ: What makes you different than other fashion bloggers out there?

Khushboo: I always believe in creating something on my own because in the end, either you will come out as something unique and great, or at least you’ll get to learn new things. So I try not to follow the trend rather than use my ideas to be different.

LAFFAZ: What are you currently following in the fashion industry like brands, websites, news, or magazines?

Khushboo: I am following fellow bloggers and brands like f21, Zara, H&M, and Vero Moda which are my all-time favorites, but I am lately experimenting with other brands too like Tommy Hilfiger, Superdry, UCB, and websites like and which I consider a complete solution for my footwear as my shoe size is too small 😛

LAFFAZ: Please list down your winter and summer collections for the readers.

Khushboo: For winters, I recently shopped from the Global Republic and totally recommend it. For summers, I shop 90% online due to size availability and recommend, and as they’ve got the most trendy collection.

LAFFAZ: Which beauty services have you been opting for these days and would like to recommend?

Khushboo: I am a hair color lover so I kept experimenting with my hair color which comes with damages as well. Though the texture of my hair is very good after getting pre-lightening about 5-6 times which caused damage. So I underwent sittings of keratin of Gk twice and You need to be more specific to choose your shampoo after getting these treatments done. Non-sulfate shampoos are recommended. The best one is Sebastian Professionals but I found another one that is quite pocket friendly and I personally use is OGX.

LAFFAZ: Any beauty products would you like to recommend?

Khushboo: For a daily routine I use Lakme cc cream and Maybelline Mousse for the face, Lakme Absolute eyeliner and Maybelline Volume Express mascara for the eyes, and I’m a nude lipstick lover so blushing nude from Lakme and Jhumki from Nykaa are my all-time favorites. And for a party, I add the Nudes Palette Eyeshadows from Maybelline again and I use a powder highlighter from Lakme. And the one product I am using lately for contouring and highlighting is Wet n Wild.

LAFFAZ: Who has been your role model in the fashion industry?

Khushboo: I like simple yet unique style, not too much accessorized, and being a fitness enthusiast too, I love Amanda Cerny for both fashion and fitness.

LAFFAZ: Please share some tips to inspire our audience for staying updated about fashion and style.

Khushboo: Look in the mirror, and ask yourself, am I doing this for me or to please someone else? There, you’ll crack into creating your own style, I bet. Clean out your closet. Make three piles, one for items that fit well and make you feel great, one for items that need tailoring, and one for the items which you can donate. Be confident about what you are wearing and that’s it! You are done!

Thank You!

P.S. – You can follow Khushboo on Instagram at @thesmokeyeyesgirl

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