[Exclusive] Andra PR kicks off their FinTech Series 2020 Edition in partnership with Brinc Batelco

Featured image: Alexandra Laszlo (L) and Fatema Ebrahim from Andra Public Relations, Bahrain; Source: Supplied


▸ The 6th Virtual FinTech Series focused on the importance of Employee Financial Wellness and its importance for businesses especially amidst Covid-19

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Last week, Andra Public Relations, a Bahrain based Public Relations firm kicked off their virtual FinTech Series 2020 Edition in partnership with Brinc Batelco. The 6th Virtual FinTech series was titled ‘Employee Financial Wellness: What is it and why is it important for businesses?’. The event was hosted in a move to highlight:

  • The need for having an employee financial wellness strategy for businesses
  • The advantages of educating and empowering employees to make the right financial decisions

The series featured Sanat Agarwal, CEO of SimplyFI Middle East; Dania Al Showaikh, Marketing Manager of Tarabut Gateway; and Sana Haji, Senior Business Development Manager at the Bahrain Institute of Banking and Finance. Each speaker shared their insights from a general, corporate and psychological perspective of why employee financial wellness is critical, especially amidst this pandemic crisis.

Commenting on the exclusive collaboration with Brinc Balteco, Fatema Isa Ebrahim, CEO of Andra Public Relations in a statement said,

“We are so excited to start the 2nd Edition with Brinc Batelco this year. Our focus will shift to cater to the current time and highlight topics within the Fintech sector that can support corporates and startups. Financial wellness programs have become so crucial due to how it can impact an employee’s physical and mental health, especially now that the next predicted pandemic will be most likely a mental health crisis, and we will witness the effects of Covid-19 on businesses, and individuals.”

The company started its FinTech Series 2019 in February last year in partnership with Capital Club Bahrain, a premier private business club in Bahrain and hosted a total of five successful series at the business club in partnership with Microsoft, Halfords Group UK, Al Salam Bank, Strathclyde University, Aion Digital, Innervate UK, The Bahrain Institute of Banking & Finance, Rsquare, Bahrain EDB, Bahrain FinTech Bay and many more. The five-event series garnered over 30 speakers and 200+ attendees over the course of 10 months

For the latest edition, Andra PR partnered with Brinc Balteco in order to host the series virtually amid the COVID-19 situation. On top of that, Brinc has been laying footprints to fostering growth and supporting the startup ecosystem of Bahrain, thus a catalyst to work with. Highlighting that in her own words, Ebrahim told LAFFAZ,

“Brinc has been supporting Bahrain’s Startup Ecosystem and they have a strong community we wanted to tap into, and bringing both our networks together seemed like an optimal strategy. Brinc Batelco hosted us as part of their rich platform and network, while Andra PR moderated the event and focused on bringing the latest topic and expert subject matters. We had integrated our networks together to make this event successful.”

Fintech Series – Core-cognition

The series hosts corporates and startups from Bahrain’s FinTech space and MENA. The aim of this initiative goes towards supporting the fintech ecosystem growth in Bahrain and provide an engaging platform for fintech industry leaders to share their stories and address the most pressing issues, trends in the fintech sector. The monthly event focuses on various fintech innovations and themes that will shape different industries and sectors within the region. This includes a special focus on developments in regtech, money transfer, blockchain, and more.

A little more about Andra Public Relations

Andra Public Relations is a Bahrain-based Public Relations & Corporate Communications firm that specialises in Strategy, Digital Communications, Media Relations & Training, Community Relations, and CSR Development. The company primarily focuses on Financial Technology, Startups and other governmental sectors.

For corporates that want to collaborate and be part of the series, contact: [email protected]

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