Arousing the Souls – Trust Yourself – Be Your Inspiration

Today, I would like to arouse your inner self to drive all your focus towards yourself and to trust yourself. At this time, I want you to think of everything happened in the past that has made you feel pity, guilty or the people who left you and everything related. But there is something that you aren’t aware of. Think about it, have you not become softened and wiser as compared to what you were in the past? Have you lost people or had people who are not with you now?


Believe me, Life is a vicious cycle. Everything is meant to happen and it will always happen. No matter how hard you try to avoid and run away from it or desperately wish that to happen. That’s the irony of life and don’t forget my friend that there is good in everything. You might not realize it now but somewhere down the line, you will realize that it happened for your good only. Let me put down this thought in Hindi hoping that you’ll connect better!

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Aana jaana to laga rehta hai is duniyaan ki mehfil mein..par gaur farmaane wali to baat ye hai doston ki aakhir kb tk kaun saath nibhata hai…. (Zara dhyaan dena.. is pankti mein kuch aisa hai jo humara dil jaanta hai par manta nahi aur humara dimaag use manne par majbur krta hai).

Everything is Destined

God has his own plans and you cannot change them anyhow!! But what you can change is the perspective towards the persons, situations. (Although we are merely puppets in the hands of the Almighty, but we have been empowered by the wisdom and thinking skills to react to situations rationally only after analyzing and weighing the pros and cons. Thus, do not just jump to the conclusions, rather think reasonably & try to figure out the actual WHY behind it.

Speak your heart out

Dil ki baat aakhir kyun zubaan pe koi aane nahi deta.. sach se rubaru kyun koi hone nahi deta.. jo dil mein hai agar vo zubaan pe bhi ho to apno se dur koi kyun hota.

Don’t build Human Ladders to Reach Great Heights

It’s better not to stick with a person if you know that you are merely a ladder to reach great heights. There will be people who shall take this statement merely in the negative stride while my motive to quote this statement is to bring light upon the fact that it’s highly recommended to use your wise sense and churn the rational wheels of your mind to think and then act upon without any dubious thoughts.

These days it has become a trend to stay in contact with people merely as a source for getting your work done. Alas… that’s true. It’s not that only others use you as a medium to suffice their needs, rather there must have been instances when you too must have done the same. Look, my friend, there is absolutely no harm in taking help from others as no one’s perfect and everyone has his/her own forte in which he/she has mastered and has acquired specialized skills. However, the cause of concern is that you shouldn’t step up towards your aim by taking a person as a ladder. Don’t take someone as just a means to an end rather take them as the literal means to a substantially fruitful end!! You will see the difference all by yourself. There lies a thin line of difference in the perspective of looking at things. Don’t forget NO PERSON IS BAD OR CRUEL, it’s the SITUATIONS in life that compels a person to act in a particular way.

Meeting you was Predetermined

We don’t meet people by accident, they are meant to cross our lives for a reason…!! No matter what the situation is: be it good or bad… always learn from it… get inspiration and then accordingly initiate your actions on the same. Never let go any opportunity. Strive for achieving good every time you start a new thing. Let alone proper tasks, you should try to start from the basic ones. Try to identify your loopholes before others do.. as no one likes interference and poking by anybody for that matter.

For any help query or suggestions drop in here and I shall get back to you by helping you generate the ultimate solution by your very own self. It’s not at all difficult my friend. You must be thinking about an easy escape out to let go off and leave a person to his/her, hai na?

Well, I shall tell you that nobody but you are the best one to suggest a solution to the problem you have. It’s only plenty of solutions you’ll get by sharing your cause of concern but always trust in yourself. Nobody can give a better rather the best judgment besides you. I extend a helping hand to all the readers and assure them to make them self-sufficient so as to look for the solution such that you brace yourself and look for the positive in the negative. Nothing could be a more noble gesture than to assist someone in distress and help him/her in this fast-paced busy hectic scheduled life where one does not have any time to spare and meet the real inner self. It’s an attempt to let you know how capable you are and help you to identify that you are the best amongst the rest.

In a nutshell

Trust yourself. I shall tell you to look into the mirror and then do self-introspection. I shall simply tell you to be who you are no matter what the situation is. I will only suggest you stay firm on your vision and that’s gonna be the solution to all your queries. Do not get perturbed by anybody and everybody..!! Stay Calm and Do What Makes you Feel Good!!

Jasleen Kaur
Jasleen Kaur

Jasleen is proficient in writing articles in English, Hindi, and Punjabi. Being well-versed in multiple writing styles, she is able to write on different topics and retain readers' attention. She is also an SEO expert with a knack for writing SMO based content like blogs and various sorts of e-reading material.

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