AXA Assurances partners with temtem startup to provide complementary health insurance

AXA Assurances partners with temtem
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temtem and AXA Assurances have signed a partnership to provide complementary health insurance to digital ecosystem workers

temtem and AXA Assurances Algérie are pleased to announce today their partnership to strengthen health protection of self-employed workers powered by temtem technology in Algeria.

As part of this innovative agreement, AXA Assurances Algérie will provide its health care expertise, including medical care, disability and death compensation. For its part, temtem will offer this new program to its partners using its technology, which will allow them to work with best ease and serenity. This new protection system is implemented as of October 1st 2019.

“temtem has always developed powerful solutions to protect entrepreneurs and their families. We are very happy to partner with AXA Assurances Algeria to initiate and launch an innovative product that will provide our partners and their families with health protection. This partnership adds a safety net for those freelancers awaiting for flexibility. We will keep on listening to them and working in order to improve their temtem experience”, reacts Lies Mollard, Head of Operations, temtem

“AXA Assurances Algérie is pleased to conclude today a partnership with temtem. The digital revolution goes along with deep change in the ways of working. This partnership between one of the leaders of health insurance and one of the most iconic companies of the new Algerian digital economy, will help accompany this change by providing everyone with optimal health protection. This ambition pictures AXA’s engagement towards its customers: to be an encouraging partner who helps them feel more confident in achieving their goals”, commented Hichem ABDOUNE, Head of Marketing and Digital, member of the Executive Committee, AXA Assurances Algérie

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