Bahrain’s EDX Labs gets recognition from Gartner

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Bahrain-based EDX Labs On Thursday, 8 October 2019 has reportedly been recognised as a Representative Vendor for DMARC and Brand Protection in Gartner’s Market Guide for Email Security 2020 for their product DMARC360.

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DMARC360 is a technology startup powered by EDX Labs, specializing in email fraud prevention through DMARC implementation and monitoring services.

According to a Gartner’s report, “Dramatic increases in the volume and success of phishing attacks and migration to cloud email require a reevaluation of email security controls and processes.” A vital breakdown of the market definition and where it’s headed, to guide organizations and showcase a bit of the market’s direction by including emerging tech, such as EDX Labs for its product DMARC360 had been named as one of the four Representative Vendors for DMARC and Brand Protection by Gartner.

Speaking on the occasion, Abdullah Mirza, Director of Growth & Strategy, DMARC360, in a statement said,

“We are honored to be recognized as one of the Representative Vendors for DMARC and Brand Protection in the Gartner 2020 Market Guide for Email security. Not to mention, being a Middle East-based startup with a global presence amongst big players in our field is truly a dream come true. We strongly believe that with the recognition in Gartner’s research, we will be able to persuade global markets.”

Further to this, DMARC360 had also contributed to the emails security market by providing free webinars amidst the COVID-19 crisis earlier this year. The webinars aimed to spread awareness to the public on the DMARC framework, and the importance of its implementation to prevent email fraud, which had significantly helped security teams across the Middle East. DMARC360 is yet available to provide webinars upon request to organizations that require it.

The growth stage startup has taken on the initiative to ensure DMARC compliance and awareness regionally and globally by developing the required technology platform. While being a part of the Bahraini startup ecosystem, DMARC360 has brought on success and pride to the Kingdom, through its global presence and partnerships. Just last year, they had partnered up with the Global Cyber Alliance (GCA) to eradicate cyber risks involved with email and to improve the Arab region’s cyber readiness.

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