Here’s your beginner’s guide to SFTP

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SFTP stands for secure file transfer protocol. A network protocol is necessary to access any server. However, all of us would prefer to use a file transfer protocol that is secure. Many organizations offer SFTP services that are remarkable and extremely professional; GoAnywhere is one such service provider. As we all know, confidentiality and security are the most important factors in almost every field of the business sector. Many reliable companies and brands invest a lot of their time and money to take all the preventive measures that could help avoid any inconvenience or risks such as data theft.

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If you want to create a safe online setup for your customers, GoAnywhere offers an SFTP server solution to secure file exchanges for your business. If you are new in the IT industry and don’t know what an SFTP is and how it works, this article is all you could ask for. Here is a complete guide to SFTP, especially for beginners.

What is SFTP?

Web servers are present all over the world now. In that case, we need a reliable way to access these web servers consistently. SFTP is basically a secured version of the FTP. Its functions are the same as that of the FTP and allow users to share large files easily over the web. We can say that it’s a tool used for transferring files and data safely. Not only an SFTP helps in downloading or uploading files through a local computer, but it is also compatible with remote computers. An SFTP requires a client and a secure server for the process.

How does SFTP work?

An SFTP requires a data stream that is secure and reliable. Usually, the data stream that users prefer is known as the SSH, Secure Shell protocol. This secure shell stream provides a secure connection and protects the data from theft during transfer. Besides this, SFTP provides many amazing features. SFTP could be implemented either as a client-server or a server to server configuration.

Why Use SFTP?

There are many reasons why people prefer using SFTP over other protocols. One of the most important reasons is that this protocol offers the highest level of encryption to users. This means that there are no or very few chances of being exposed to or attacked by hackers. Another reason is that you can easily connect with SFTP if you have an FTP connection. Besides this, people prefer SFTP over FTP because it requires only one port, i.e., port 22. With the help of this single port, the exchange of information takes place through an authentic connection.

SFTP is known worldwide for the fact that it is a very secure as well as reliable file-sharing network. Everything starting from the authentication of the users to the transfer of data is completed over the shell stream without any hassle. This is why many companies and businesses look forward to SFTP connection for exchanging valuable and confidential data stored in files and folders.

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