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Post-pandemic, both recruiters and employees are facing a tough time dealing with the recruitment scenario in organisations. While people have just started to adapt to the new normal, acquiring talent has become quite complex. There is a massive amount of talent in the market looking for opportunities, but companies are finding it difficult to tap into top talent in this highly competitive market. Companies aren’t able to fill in the right job with the right person.

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This is where you can rely on Programmatic Advertising for Recruitment. Recruiters depend on agencies to run programmatic advertising campaigns to attract suitable candidates. Especially if you’re hiring at scale or open for positions that are hard to fill. Programmatic Advertising for recruitment is about being innovative and creative when advertising your job vacancies.

Here we will find out what this term means and how organizations can benefit by collaborating with programmatic advertising companies.

Before we go ahead, let us look at some of the key facts related to recruitment in the current scenario:

63% of organizations are suffering due to talent shortage, and 76% percent believe that getting the right candidate for the right job is their biggest challenge.

75% of people take up a job after considering the reputation of the brand, and 70% of the workforce is passive.

The best candidates leave the market in 10 days.

60% of job searchers find it difficult to apply for online jobs and leave the process mid-way.

41% of organizations feel that their biggest challenge is to fill entry-level positions.

Considering these facts, organizations can prudently depend on Programmatic Advertising for complex recruitment procedures, which also offers them various other benefits, which will be discussed here!

Programmatic Advertising for Recruitment

Programmatic Advertising is all about having the entire web at your disposal when it comes to posting, classifying, and optimizing recruitment advertisements through electronic software rather than physical people.

These ads are circulated among potential customers across the internet. It’s an automated system that allows you to buy digital space to advertise job vacancies. As an organization, you simply need to specify the target demographic details and list the number of leads you want, and programmatic job advertising will take care of the rest.

How Does Programmatic Advertising Work for Recruitment?

The space that you purchase on the web for your job advertisements in collaboration with Programmatic advertising is done through demand-side platforms (DSPs) that use data insights and algorithms to target the right audience. Programmatic advertising companies make sure that your ads are given priority through the automated process that ensures that your ads are served at the right time. This is what the experts do:

  1. Programmatic recruiting allows companies to serve ads through digital channels with a mix-and-match ad strategy across channels, increasing the percentage of your overall audience.
  2. These ads with a call to action (CTA) encourage suitable users to apply for your organization’s job openings.
  3. The experts empower you to experiment with different strategies to fine-tune your campaign results. They use both ideal job seeker browsing data and advanced algorithms to serve the right ad to involve job seekers actively.
  4. Programmatic job posting technology explores A/B testing and artificial intelligence. The testing helps them to compare variations of an ad to see which one works best. AI helps them to automate a variety of tasks and save a lot of time on work that would otherwise have to be done manually. Overall, programmatic job advertising software continuously improves the overall quality of job seekers and improves the ads that appear on the web.

Benefits of Programmatic Job Advertising

Programmatic job ads help advertisers reach the ideal demographic. Its key advantages are that it:

1. Optimizes the Job Advertising Process

Programmatic advertising for recruitment streamlines the job posting process by giving you control over who sees your ads on the web. You can use targeting to reach candidates accurately and avoid approaches that don’t convert. With programmatic campaigns, you can convert the entire web into a job board and reach out to multiple job seekers on every digital channel that they are likely to be present on. This increases the reach of your campaigns and helps you employ the best recruits for your desired positions.

2. Expands Your Reach

Programmatic job ads enable you to post your job postings to dozens of publishing networks in just a few clicks. By tracking the entire candidate journey, you can perfect your recruitment marketing strategy and automate job ads that appear on search engines, billboards, job boards, etc., to attract the optimal number of candidates for the right types of jobs.

3. Supports Organizations with Complex Hiring Needs

Employers with complex hiring needs can use programmatic advertising in their recruiting efforts to track important recruitment campaign metrics. These programmatic advertising companies also refine who, when, and where to target future campaigns. This will give you an idea of what the ideal candidate is looking for in an employer and will ultimately attract the right people.

4. Targets Ideal Candidates

Geo-targeting and geo-fencing allow ads to be served based on the user’s geographic location. Contextual targeting allows you to target specialities, organizations, or skills; precision-based targeting narrows down the options to reach specific jobs, employers, locations, and more. This is the main benefit of using programmatic advertising for recruitment as it improves the quality of the job searchers.

5. Gets Actionable Insights

Programmatic job ads provide useful insight into how your ads are working. These metrics show you which websites are performing the best, giving you more actionable information to effectively optimize your campaigns.

6. Creates Opportunities to Re-target Qualified Candidates

For recruiters, using multi-channel recruitment campaigns to retarget qualified candidates is a great benefit when it comes to recruiting the right person for the right job. Multi-channel targeting lets you connect with multiple candidates across channels, thus augmenting the brand name and values and gaining a wider reach.

By combining retargeting with multi-channel campaigns, you can retarget candidates who have shown interest in your ads or organization. By showing your ads on a variety of devices and formats, you can increase awareness of your campaigns, attract ideal candidates, and drive job applications.

7. Saves Money

When it comes to cutting costs, budget allocation can help. This ensures that you pay for ads that deliver tangible results and the best possible ROI. Using a programmatic job posting solution can reduce your cost per applicant based on “cost-per-click.” Finding qualified candidates for hard-to-fill positions is even more difficult. Programmatic job ads optimize posts to prioritize jobs that haven’t received many applications, automatically placing less value on applying to vacancies where there is already a stream of candidates.

8. All About Transparency

Programmatic process marketing offers extra information for a knowledgeable job application decision. They rely on marketing campaign setup and reporting competencies in an aggressive marketplace, being transparent and open about the job role and expectations. This is critical for assisting them in getting the right candidate and also helps businesses to optimize their budget.

9. Strengthens Your Brand

A predominant gain of programmatic marketing and marketing for recruitment is that they convey the organization, skills, and competencies of the company and make an attractive offer for the candidates. Increasing an employer’s brand awareness is a lucrative investment that generates for the company in the long term and builds strong relations and trust with job-seekers and newly-appointed candidates.

Recruiting activities can not only target new graduates but also introduce the company to experienced candidates. Programmatic job ads allow you to run multiple ads with different wordings and highlight different aspects of your company, its values, and its culture, thus increasing employer brand awareness and strengthening the brand.

10. Improves the Candidate’s Experience

Effective content for jobs improves the candidate experience. They learn about the company better and integrate better with the applicant tracking software giving the best possible rewards.

11. Offers Better Payment Structure

Programmatic job posting programs are based on a pay-per-click model and will soon shift to a performance-based and hiring-price payment structure. A pricing model per application where companies are billed for the percentage of people who apply for the job after seeing the job ad and clicking on it will help you manage your budget better. You don’t have to unnecessarily spend on non-converting ads, which will ultimately increase your ROI.

12. Incorporates Multi-Channel Attribution

Job-seekers don’t stick to one channel, but they want the omnichannel experience of a variety of resources to get relevant information. Programmatic job advertising is all about capturing appropriate attention from candidates across digital channels offering solutions that fully connect the candidate journey.


This is a competitive recruiting environment, where it has become substantial for organizations to depend on programmatic recruitment advertising that helps you to target the right talent across digital channels. Besides getting the right person for the right job, you can also enjoy increased brand awareness, optimized campaigns, and a higher return on investment. So, you must take a very proactive stance on programmatic recruiting and evolve your recruiting needs to achieve your organizational goals.

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