4 Best digital (and 1 non-digital) marketing investments your business needs

This is the other side of the coin to digital marketing. The fact is that if you want to help your business grow
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Digital marketing is constantly evolving. When money is tight, organizations are constantly looking at the biggest bang for their buck. When it comes to marketing, if you want to improve your efforts, you need to ensure that some of the following are a key part of your marketing budget:

Optimized Websites

This is one of the most important, if not the most important aspect of promoting yourself to the world at large. You can always get additional financial injections in the form of business lines of credit, but if finances are tight and you don’t know what to focus on, you need to ensure that your website passes some of the following tests:

  • Optimized for organic search,
  • A responsive design,
  • Encourages conversions from prospect to lead.

Branching Out on New Platforms

One of the biggest issues many organizations have is thinking they need to go on every single platform to capitalize on its reach. Many businesses would benefit from trying one new platform that is not being explored. TikTok is one of those platforms that is covering a lot of bases, not just for those advertising to the younger demographics. There is a fantastic array of bite-sized content for a variety of sectors, from B2B, wellness, and everything in between.

Leveraging Influencers

This is a very useful type of content for social media, and if you want to get involved in product placement. If you want to execute high-quality placements as part of a marketing campaign, you should look at the value of influencer marketing on social media and streaming content. The benefit of influencers or product placement is that they do not disrupt content in the same way as other types of content creation methods.

Market Research

After your website, understanding your customer is the most important thing you can do to ensure that you are developing your business in a way that is catering to those people that matter. You can conduct customer research on your current customer base, but you can also conduct market research to ascertain your buyer persona. There are a wide variety of tools out there that can help, and if you are looking for a valuable investment into what makes your digital marketing strategy tick, you’ve got to start sending out surveys to current customers or look at developing a strategy around the right persona.

Out-of-Home Advertising

This is the other side of the coin to digital marketing. The fact is that if you want to help your business grow, you also need to bear in mind that out-of-home advertising is a breath of fresh air. The benefit of out-of-home advertising is that this is more difficult to avoid in comparison to digital advertising. You can create out-of-home advertising methods through billboards, posters, and providing information in a variety of public spaces. We put this here because this type of marketing is an incredibly important component in a post-pandemic world, as people are still looking to get out and make the most of what the world has to offer, so don’t underestimate it.

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