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Working with leather is frequently difficult, especially if it’s thick. I created this list of the top leather sewing machines for home sewers in light of this.

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If you need to improve or repair leather things, think about buying a high-quality leather sewing machine. Of course, if you sew professionally, you might be interested in finding out more about the various sewing machine designs.

A heavy-duty machine is necessary whether you’re manufacturing leather handbags, apparel, or shoes since leather is a sturdy and long-lasting fabric.

List of the best leather sewing machines

It might be challenging to select the best leather sewing machine. There are many fantastic options available. That is why we have created a list of the best leather sewing machines for you to choose from based on your area of work.

Zoyer ZY591DA

Zoyer ZY591DA big hook post bed wig sewing machine for leather shoemaking – highly appropriate for manufacturing riding boots, sports shoes, work shoes, casual shoes, sponge shoes, baby shoes, and other types of high-quality leather shoes.

▸ Max sweing speed: 2500 RPM

Zoyer ZY591DA – Full Features

  • Automatic back stitch. automatic presser lift. automatic thread trimming.
  • The head part has steady and small operating vibration.
  • Optional head operation box which is more convenient to operate.
  • The drive design is more 35% powerful than the direct drive design.
  • Short thread cutting(1.0cm), reducing manual trimming time.
  • Perfect backstitch sewing machine, without damaging materials and increasing the aesthetic.
  • The gear needle feeding will keep the steady and same stitches.
  • For stitching sponge and thin leather materials, it will keep it smooth, flat and wrinkle-free.
  • The manual backstitch function makes it more convenient for the operator.
  • The design of the magnet ensures the tightness of the thread and perfect cutting.
  • The design of the head part has parallel and slant choices without adding more slant support.
  • The automatic power turns-off function guarantees safe when repairing the machines.
  • The head part also has an operating speed-adjusting function.

Technical Specifications

Brand NameZoyer
TypeIndustrial sewing machine
Overall Dimensions735 x 360 x 765mm
Stitch FormationLock stitch
Mechanical ConfigurationPost-Bed
Sewing Speed2500 RPM
Stitch Length7mm
Max sewing thickness3-6mm
Feed MechanismManual

JinZhiFeng GA204-370-2L

JinZhiFeng GA204-370-2L – Double-needle column integrated feed extra thick sewing machine – enabling three levels of stitching: double-needle, single-needle, left-side stitching bed(L) and single-needle right-side stitching bed(N). Engineered for large-scale and extra-thick materials such as tents, sails, umbrellas, covers for automobiles, protective covers, camouflage nets and similar.

▸ Max sewing speed: 400 SPM

JinZhiFeng GA204-370-2L – Full Features

  • Large power servomotor, adopts long-arm post-bed type and comprehensive feeding with a large vertical shuttle hook.
  • Stable and strong feeding, smooth and nice stitch.
  • Wide operating space and easy sewing for multilayer extra-thick materials.
  • Pneumatic presser lifting device with large presser stroke.
  • Pneumatic backstitch equipment with convenient and easy operation.
  • High-performance servo control system.

Technical Specifications

Brand NameJinZhiFeng
Max.Sewing speed400 s.p.m
Stitch length0-12mm
Needle bar stroke56mm
Thread take-up lever stroke96mm
Presser foot liftPneumatic 22mm
Needle sizeDD*3 27#
Needle gauge7.94-18mm
Rotating hookKRP-204N
Height of sewing bed140mm
Working place320*340mm

Guangzhou Good Time – GT-8B

Good Time GT-8B Single-needle standard rotary hook & revers feed bag sewing machine – appropriate for sewing leather bags, luggage manufacturing, jackets, and mattresses.

▸ Max sewing speed: 2200 RPM

Guangzhou Good Time – GT-8B – Full Features

  • Adopts sliding bar pick line, constitutes a double lock stitch, upper and lower shaft with synchronous toothed belt transmission.
  • Presser foot, feed dog, needle feed and lever-type stitch regulator.
  • High voltage foot pieces, high-pressure foot clearance and stitch length cooperate with the cylinder seaming machine.
  • Single needle, high speed, cylinder bed, vertical axis hook, compound feed and walking foot, reverse stitch, lockstitch machines.

Technical Specifications

Brand NameGood Time
TypeIndustrial sewing machine
Sewing space width258mm x 110mm
Stitch FormationLock stitch
Mechanical Configurationcylinder-bed
Sewing Speed2200 r.p.m/min
Height of Presser Foot0-14mm
Stitch Length0-7.5mm
Needle bar stroke33.2mm
Power250W 2P
Feed MechanismCompound feed
NeedleDP x 17 (#14-#24)


We researched some of the best leather sewing machines suitable for respective purposes – whether you are a home-based seamstress or industrial, hopefully, you’ll find the one suitable leather sewing machine for yourself out of the options listed above.

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