[Book Review] Social Media & Mobile Marketing by Puneet Bhatia

[Book Review] Social Media & Mobile Marketing by Punit Bhatia
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Title: Social Media & Mobile Marketing

Author: Puneet Singh Bhatia

Publisher: Wiley

Publication Date: 15 April 2019

Edition: Kindle and Paperback

Pages: 272

ISBN-10: 8126578076

ISBN-13: 978-8126578078

Digital marketing which began as an experimental area for marketers some years ago has transformed itself to a holistic field of study. With media customers shifting from mass promotional channels like TV, Newspapers & Magazines towards digital forms of media consumption, digital marketing is bound to change the marketing landscape going forward.

These changes along-with upcoming focus on social media, mobile marketing, video consumption, etc make it crucial for marketing professionals to develop a closer understanding of this field to be able to develop and implement cutting-edge marketing strategies. And that one book that streamlines all these aspects is the ‘Social Media & Mobile Marketing’ by Puneet Bhatia.

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