Botme – Cairo-based chatbot platform raises six-figure seed from MENA-based angels

Founded in July 2017 and Beta Launched in 2018, Botme is founded by Saaid Elhakeem, Soliman Abaza and Hosni Ahmed


Botme is a web tool that helps businesses save time, efforts and budget by turning their conversations into conversions through easily building and managing Chatbots to empower customer service, e-commerce & lead generation and publish them on many channels such as messaging apps, web plugin or create a conversational web page all on the same platform without writing a line of code.

Cutting-edge solutions to help businesses streamline their operations and increase efficiency.
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“Botme will use the funding to expanding in GCC, launching Botme assistant to help businesses track their chatbot’s performance, adding more features, channels, and integration with NLP and AI engines and boosting marketing activities.”Saaid Elhakeem, Botme co-founder and chief operating officer.

Botme is already on a high growth path. It has signed with several global brands, government entities, and hundreds of small business and individual business owners subscribed to their platform in the last months.

“The chatbot industry has been witnessing massive growth lately and according to some estimates, is expected to exceed $2.1 billion by 2024, and Botme has built itself to be the leader of this industry in the region”Soliman Abaza, Botme co-founder, and chief technical officer.

Source: Press Release

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