Brinc MENA Hardware and IoT Acceleration Program celebrated its 6th demo day virtually

The Brinc MENA Hardware and IoT Acceleration Program celebrated its 6th demo day virtually for the second time on Thursday 28th January 2021 on the platform Hopin.


Valuing the safety of their teams and guests, Brinc opted for a virtual demo day for the second time amid these changing times, in which local and international teams as well as a wide range of guests; investors, corporates, entrepreneurship enthusiasts and like minded people, joined to network and connect with the founders and guests.

Cutting-edge solutions to help businesses streamline their operations and increase efficiency.
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With the support of their strategic partners; Tamkeen, Batelco, EDB and Startup Bahrain, Brinc hosted their 6th demo day for their cohort of innovative game changers. The Brinc Demo Day is a powerful event that brings together groundbreaking solutions from game changers to willing investors, corporates, government partners and more. Connecting them with the right people to support the growth of their innovative hardware and IoT technologies to a wider audience and help shape a better and more efficient tomorrow. The Demo Day included pitches by the founders followed by a live session of answering the audience queries.

The virtual event also highlighted the four key pillars of Brinc’s Investment Thesis that focuses on improving how we feel, where we live, how we move and what we eat. Transforming the Brinc Demo Day to a virtual experience has exposed the startups to an extensive range of global, regional, and local investors coming together to view the game-changing Hardware and IoT novel solutions.

Mohammed Ahmadi, Director of the Investments Department at Tamkeen, commented on Brinc’s demo day saying:

“Tamkeen has always taken an active part in supporting the startup ecosystem in Bahrain through its endless partnerships and collaborations with accelerators, such as Brinc to further enable entrepreneurs and help them transform their ideas into businesses, especially in the field of technology and IoT, to contribute to the country’s economy and sustainable development goals. It’s part of Tamkeen’s ongoing mission to empower entrepreneurs, and position them at the forefront, creating in the process a dynamic and sustainable ecosystem.”

Brinc’s 6th cohort of game-changers are utilizing Bahrain as a launchpad to the wider region and the world, by using the country’s valuable talent and infrastructure as well as Brinc’s accelerator program perks including and not limited to providing them with investment and mentorship in multiple aspects. The program mentorship is structured to create well-rounded founders and sustainable companies around technology products. This ensures the startups’ ability to fundraise, go to market and harness future opportunities that lead to the startup’s growth.

The fall 2020 accelerator program game-changers exhibiting in demo day included:

  • Changing the world of Adtech, founded by Mohamed Ahmed from Bahrain, is building an interactive robotics solution company with the ultimate blend of Robotics & Advertisement. The startup aims to shape the direction of the advertising and marketing industry through using a blend of AdTech Robots and Marketing Automation to drive interactive content development and introduce flexibility into physical advertising spaces.
  • Radical Growth: All the way from Pakistan, Radical Growth Solutions, founded by Nabeel Yousif and Priya Smith, are solving resource waste challenges in AgriTech globally. They aim to enable digital transformation in agriculture through a state of the art plug and play automation and monitoring system. Their solution aims to optimize farming; by enhancing crop quality & quantity, improving the use of farm resources & equipment, real-time monitoring & irrigation management, converting farms into smart spaces.
  • A1Smart Cam: From Egypt, A1Smart Cam, founded by Mohamed Ghaly, is remapping Retailtech & analysis by offering their video analytic solution. A1Smart Cam software connects to any type of camera and does a full analysis of customer, employee, safety and shelving behaviors and trends to support businesses in improving productivity, creating targeted marketing campaigns with higher conversion rates, creating new revenue streams and cost savings.
  • AREYTech: All the way from Turkey, the cohort is also joined by AREYLight, founded by Haluk and Kadir Yilmaz to redefine Energytech and power conservation by ensuring that street lighting units can be controlled remotely and efficiently through the use of artificial intelligence. Their solution aims to make our cities autonomous by consolidating smart lighting technologies with other smart city applications to reduce expenses and maximize return on investment. Smart Units created by AreyLight turn into Autonomous Lighting groups with neural network communication which assists in gaining efficiency values that surpass any available in the market.

Brinc MENA has been playing a vital role in the startup ecosystem in Bahrain since it launched in 2017 and hosted its first accelerator program demo day in May 2018 in partnership with Tamkeen. Brinc empowers entrepreneurs and youth through acceleration programs, innovation schemes and technology boot camps with the support of its partners, Tamkeen, MOICT, Batelco, EDB and Startup Bahrain.

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