Brinc and NEOM join forces to empower agritech and foodtech in MENA

Brinc NEOM agritech foodtech MENA
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Manama, Bahrain-based leading accelerator, Brinc, has recently announce its partnership with NEOM – aiming to accelerate investment in Agritech and Foodtech ventures under the auspices of the dood sector. NEOM is a region in northwest Saudi Arabia on the Red Sea that is a new model for ways to adapt to the challenges facing humanity in the future as it deals with the impact of climate change, urban sprawl, and sustainability. Innovation in food technology is necessary for a more sustainable future in the agrifood industry, one of the industries that has the most impact on the environment. Brinc believes that fostering this innovation will help transform the food industry and, by addressing food sustainability, security, safety, and waste reduction, we can create a secure food system for the future. Changing consumer attitudes towards sustainability and an increased focus on nutrition and healthy eating brings added impetus for innovation.

The NEOM partnership strengthens Brinc’s commitment to invest in over 1000 climate-conscious startups over the next five years. NEOM will be powered by 100% renewable energy and driven by advanced technology across all its 14 sectors. This ambitious project is a major attraction to many industries that look to technology to disrupt existing approaches.

Food-focused firms that want to use technology to innovate and bridge the gap between consumers and producers will find NEOM a welcoming home. By applying data and digital technology, NEOM is able to provide actionable insights that power innovation, shaping a food future that brings people closer to the food they eat.

Brinc’s investment mandate in AgriTech and FoodTech aligns with the interests of NEOM and Saudi Food corporates in developing sustainable food systems. Through this partnership, NEOM and Saudi corporates will connect with teams within our portfolio network in the space to further promote sustainable agriculture. Brinc will also be holding private virtual pitch days for relevant startups to pitch to NEOM and Saudi Food corporate leaders, to promote cross-pollination, support expansion into Saudi, and other collaborative opportunities.

NEOM uses traceability and advanced analytics to secure food supply resilience and sustainability. The vision of the NEOM Food Sector, headed by Dr. Juan Carlos Motamayor, is to create healthy and sustainable food systems in NEOM that nourish families and nurture the environment. The strategy is built around four particular areas of growth — climate-proof agriculture, biotechnology-enabled aquaculture, personalized nutrition, and alternative meats, proteins, and dairy. NEOM wants to play a significant role in the food revolution.

Dr. Andrew Yip, Senior Manager for Digital Technologies at Food.

“NEOM aims to build a global community where food is at the heart of nourishing both people and the planet. Startup engagement and knowledge sharing is a key component to building an agri-food innovation ecosystem that ensures food security and sustainability for the region and beyond.”

Brinc is one of the earliest venture accelerators globally to invest in FoodTech. Over 50 startups are featured in its AgriFood portfolio, including notable portfolio companies such as Avant Meats, Orbillion Bio, Phuture Foods and GROUNDED. Brinc runs multiple mature programs in this sector, demonstrating the alignment between Brinc’s ESG-focus with NEOM’s sustainability ethos. One of the seven locations where Brinc has a presence includes Manama, Bahrain. The NEOM partnership further opens doors in the Middle East. With a framework that focuses on supporting sustainably focused entrepreneurs and startups, Brinc’s collaboration with NEOM will make an impact on one of the biggest industries, and one that is ripe for disruption: the food industry.

Natalie Lung, Food Tech Program Manager at Brinc,

“This past year has highlighted the fragility and interconnectedness of our global systems. However, it has also demonstrated how rapidly we can develop truly transformational solutions if we work together. Our partnership with NEOM is rooted in our belief that we must take a collaborative approach to fix our broken food system. By supporting entrepreneurs and investing in groundbreaking technologies, we hope to rethink a food system that is currently fragmented, unsustainable, and cannot be scaled to meet the growing demands of an ever-increasing global population.”

Together, Brinc and NEOM hold the ability to create a new model for living that embraces sustainable food production, deliver fresh thinking and new solutions are key to change and through these NEOM hopes will become the cornerstone of environmental responsibility and urban sustainability.

Brinc looks forward to a fruitful partnership with NEOM that will continue to inspire and drive startup founders and entrepreneurs to go beyond current norms and challenge what is possible.

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