How Graphic Designers Can Build a Professional Instagram Profile

How Graphic Designers Can Build a Professional Instagram Profile
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You will need to make your Instagram profile look most professional and impressive to boost your career prospects as a graphic designer. This is the ultimate social media guide that almost all graphic designers use to showcase their creative skill and art work. There are different social media sites but this visual platform has taken the world by a storm.

Therefore, is you are a beginner, whether you are a startup business or a graphic designer wishing to sell your creative work, it is advised that you use Instagram to its fullest potential. You can do this by sharing high quality images and visuals at the right time and right way to attract more attention of the millions of active Instagram users. This will ensure that they start following you more on this photo-sharing platform and may even become your potential clients.

Therefore, you must know how to market your skills in graphic design work on Instagram. A lot of people like you have used this platform to enhance their presence on this photo-sharing platform starting from scratch. Whether you want to sell your poster design or logo design skills, it is never late to start using Instagram to boost your career prospects.

Following a few specific ways, you can grow your fan following on social media and give your career the required boost.

Make it professional

It is highly important that you make your Instagram Profile look serious and professional if you want to grow your fan following and career prospects as a graphic designer on Instagram. The simplest and most effective way to do this is by adding a suitable link to your Instagram Stories once you have more than 10,000 followers.

It may sound a bit difficult to you but fret not because the number of followers will increase over time. Make sure that you use and keep posting quality images, contents and videos making sure that all these are related to graphic design.

If you have a business account, you may use the analytics. This will help you to know the peak times for the posts. All you need for this is to find some time and analyze the data so as to find out when your followers liked your posts and got engaged with the content. Knowing this, you can post more contents during this specific time ensuring more and better engagement.

Establish a better connection

Connect with your prospects as that is the primary purpose of Instagram. This social platform will enable your customers and prospective clients to interact with you as well as the other users. This will result in a further rise in the level of engagement. Ideally, when you connect with the target customers more frequently you will be able to highlight your design work even more thereby helping you to attract more followers.

There are two ways in which you can do it such as:

  • Firstly, you can either follow back the users who follow you or you can try and like the post of your fellow graphic designers who have the same passion as you. Make sure that you post a few unique items that you have created so that they like your post.
  • Secondly, you can leave a comment as well just to show that you are fascinated by the content. However, abstain from making comments such as ‘Nice image’ or ‘I like it’ because such comments are overlooked sounding more like a spam.

Since you are a graphic designer and are supposed to be more creative than any average user, you should use more ‘designer likely’ comments that will reflect your knowledge about the nuances of graphic design and the fact that you have noticed it in the specific design. Try something like, ‘The design has canny use of white space.’

Post different images

There are two significant aspects that you should take care of to boost your career in graphic design.

  • One is that you must post your images and videos in reliable and reputed sites.
  • The other aspect is that you should keep on posting different images. This is very important to remove the monotony and boredom from your users. If you continue posting the same type of pictures or videos, your posts will look most unprofessional and feel repetitive and drab.

Therefore, you must add more spice and variety to your Instagram posts and the best way to do this is by changing the images frequently.

However, this does not mean you will post too flashy contents or anything that you have shared a week or a month back. Try to make it look new and unique all the time to differentiate you from the others. Few ways in which you can do this are:

  • Mixing and matching videos and pictures to add variety
  • Posting a short video of the work-in-progress after regular intervals of time
  • Share ‘behind the scenes’ pictures showing how you work
  • Your employees at work and
  • By making the most and best use of the different tools that Instagram offers such as Instagram Stories and Instagram Live.

Experiment more

Since graphic design is all about being creative to the optimal level, you can experiment with new and better ways to use Instagram in a number of different ways. Though all the methods may not apply, trying out new techniques is always welcome.

It will help you to promote your posts as well as monitor and control its performance. Supposing that you have posted a visual that was not liked by many of your followers there is no need to be worried about it. On the contrary, you can make a note and analyze the data regarding how many likes it received and how many users commented on your post. This will help you to know the right method to choose and the methods you should ditch completely in the future. On the other hand, continue following the methods that attracted most likes and comments for the posts.

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