Catherine Coley, former Binance US CEO is still missing and no one is talking about it

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There have been concerns about the whereabouts of the former president of Binance US, Catherine Coley. She was the head of XRP Institution Liquidity at Ripple before she was hired as the CEO of Binance US in April 2019. However, being the only female to serve in that position since the company was launched in 2017, her tenure only lasted for two years as she left in May 2021. Immediately she left, Bitcoin transactions many debates on whether she was fired or forced to resign ensued. Regardless, Binance US refused to comment and made no mention of her in its press release after a new CEO was appointed.

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Apparently, Coley worked well for the industry as she was once celebrated last year on the fortune 40 under 40 lists on its Instagram account. Therefore, her replacement should have come with a press release appreciating her efforts. Better still, an appointment for a new position could be offered to her but that never happened. In fact, a report says she wasn’t aware of her fate because of her activities on social media and press appearances before the day of her removal. A lot of people in the crypto world such as Meltem Demirors, an executive of Coinshares’ company indeed found her departure embarrassing and disgraceful

Why Catherine Coley was declared missing

With a Twitter account of about 4,500 posts and 44,600 followers, Coley was very active on social media. And being the vocal person that she is, she regularly attends interviews and events and engages herself in the digital spaces. So it was easy to detect her mysterious disappearance after people noticed her last post, dated April 19, 2021.

David Schwartz, one of the top figures in the crypto world and also the chief technology officer of Ripple noticed Coley’s absence and reported in July how she hasn’t responded to his messages although he hasn’t placed a voice call through. A representative from Binance US replied that they have no information about her whereabouts. Moreover, many of the well-wishers during her birthday last year complained about how she hasn’t acknowledged or replied to them. Some people thought for a moment she was back online on Instagram before they realized it was a fake account. For those trying to call her, via the number linked to her account, publications have claimed the number to be reachable. They claim the line rings all through but she hasn’t been answering them or returning her calls.

Brian Brooks’ few tenures

Brian Brooks, a former executive of Coinbase became the new CEO of the company on the 7th of May. Binance US believed his expertise and knowledge will be valuable as the company continues to progress. To the amazement of everyone, he resigned four months after and wished his former colleagues success. We guess this affirms the statement “what a man can do, a woman can do better.
Surprisingly, Brooks didn’t give reasons for his resignation. But there was a hint that Changpeng Zhao (Binance’s CEO), and Brooks were in strong disagreement some days before he resigned. There is more to this but unfortunately, his spokesman has refused to expiate.

Police report on Catherine Coley

One of the easiest ways to find Coley if he truly is a missing person is to report to the nearest police station. According to the San Francisco Police Department, it was reported that they have no file concerning her disappearance. So some people concluded she is trying to stay away from the public eye, others assumed that Binance and Coley are likely in a lawsuit over her dispossession. Anyway, according to a report in October by Asia market, her family members are not in search of her, we guess it backs the reason why there hasn’t been a police report.

Coley’s Sightings

It’s been over 9 months now and we are still puzzled about Coley’s health and location. We want to believe she is not dead and perfectly fine as some people have sighted her in Blockchain and other large events. Can we conclude she is just keeping her head down and probably strategizing on her next move? Or is she just Taki from a break-off social media? Irrespective, the crypto world has really felt her absence and can’t wait to have her back.

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