Now you can change Aadhaar address online

▸ Now you can change your Aadhaar address online.
▸ With the help of a validation letter from your family member or friend, UIDAI lets you change your Aadhaar address online.


Smells like insanely good news. No more travel, no more pen & paper, and no more queues. If you have changed your address and want to get the same updated to your Aadhaar card then you can do it online now.

UIDAI has launched a new service, under which you can get your Aadhaar address updated online with the help of a validation letter from your family member, friend, landlord, relative or anyone who can let use their address as proof.

Once you submit a request to generate the Aadhaar validation letter, your relative or friend will receive an SMS with a link for providing consent on their mobile number registered with Aadhaar. By clicking the link, an OTP will be generated for providing consent.

After that, your friend or relative will receive a validation letter with a secret code on his/her address within 30 days.

Next, you just have to take the secret code, visit the Aadhaar website and enter the secret code to update your address. Once your address change request gets approved, you’ll be able to download your e-Aadhaar.

For detailed instructions, visit this official page on Aadhaar website

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